Best Online Collaboration Tools For Remote Workers

Priscila Liu
July 6, 2020

Economies and offices from all around the globe have taken the hit due to the spread of the CoronaVirus. While everyone is waiting for things to go back to normal, some aspects of our lives have been halted. However, there are other areas that need to operate and work no matter what. Offices and companies have to continue their operations. But since they cannot work from offices and workplaces, the majority of the companies have decided to opt for remote working.

Remote working involves people working from their homes. Their roles and responsibilities remain the same as they would have been in an office setting, but they are not working at the same place. Collaboration and staying in touch with each other becomes one of the biggest issues in this case. People may be working from miles apart but the need of collaboration and teamwork cannot be eradicated completely.

Online collaboration tools and IT Services prove to be a great resource in this regard as they demolish the physical boundaries between employees and employers and help them stay connected in a virtual setting. We have compiled a list of some of the most innovative and highly recommended online collaboration tools for remote workers. These tools are intuitive and easy to use, yet extremely efficient:

1. ProofHub:

Project management is the backbone for almost all offices. And keeping track of tasks and responsibilities via emails and messages is inefficient and difficult. ProofHub is a tool that is especially designed for project management in remote settings. It allows team members and colleagues to interact with one another via chat boxes as well as discussion sessions. People can not only share their ideas and distribute responsibilities, but they can also provide feedback and interact with one another in real-time.

2. Krisp:

Video conferences and online meetings are an integral part of work routines for freelancers and remote workers. How annoying is it when there are external noise and disruption in an official online meeting? It can also lead to embarrassment as well. However, with Krisp, remote workers never have to face any such situation. It is a tool that blocks external noise from both ends of a call. Therefore, people can meet virtually and hold conferences online without any external disturbance.

3. Todoist:

Research supports the notion that remote workers have a hard time staying on track and keeping themselves motivated and productive. If you are someone who is having trouble managing teams in a remote setting, Todoist will save you a lot of hassle. It is an IT Support that allows team leads to set goals and targets, assign responsibilities, organize project frameworks, provide feedback and also provide feedback on the work that has been done. Moreover, it also generates a productivity graph after a set time interval so the employers can keep an eye on the performance and productivity of the employees.

4. Chimp Or Champ:

The current situation is a source of anxiety and stress for many people around us. This tough time calls for support and empathy. In order to make sure that your team members, subordinates and employees are doing well, you can make use of Chimp Or Champ. It is an anonymous platform that allows workers to express how they feel. The responses are then sent over to the team leads so they can be informed about the productivity level and overall feeling of the employees. Since the entries are anonymous, so the employee identities are protected and they can share their opinions and feelings without any issue.

5. Skype:

Skype is not a new name when it comes to video conferencing tools and platforms. It is a popular choice of people from all around the globe. A great thing about Skype is the fact that it can be used to connect with almost everyone. Unlike other video conferencing platforms, it does not require payment for unlimited access. People can use it for free and hold conferences for any length of time. The interface is simple and intuitive which makes it easy to use. It can be used for both audio as well as video calls and one can also share a screen for presentations.

6. World Time Buddy:

If you have a remote team that is spread across different time zones, World Time Buddy is a must-have application for you. It allows people from all around the globe to find a suitable time for collaboration. Simply enter the different time zones that the team members are in, and it will automatically calculate a meeting time that is suitable for everyone. No need to fidget with meeting times and trying to collaborate with people residing in different time zones. This tool will take care of this tedious task for you.

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