7 Summer Learning Apps and Games for Students In 2020

Michael Gorman
July 6, 2020

There are many ways in which middle schoolers and high schoolers can learn, especially over their summer breaks. The use of apps and games are some of the most fun ways for them to learn. This is usually the time of the year when parents fear that their kids will experience some slide in their education and would be in search of summer learning tools to keep them on their toes both physically and mentally.

Experts claim that summer slides can significantly affect the progress of the kids when they return to school after the break. If you factor in the pandemic-enforced lockdown and the reality of an extended break, then you’ll understand that these apps are even more critical now than before. Here are seven summer learning apps and games for students in 2020.


The DiaryZapp is one app that helps to strengthen your kids mentally. It is an award-winning app that encourages the development of creativity, imagination, and literacy in your kid while also ensuring that they have fun while learning. This app teaches the kids to have a written and visual documentation of the daily events during their holiday. In doing this, they’re improving their writing skills.

With this app, they have an interactive diary that allows them to input their thoughts as well as upload and edit photos, add design characters, etc. to accompany their adventures. DiaryZapp will broaden the creativity and literacy skills in your kids. This app is recommended by many expert writers for kids, including writers at best essay writing service UK and is available on android and iOS.

Get the Math

Get the Math is an award-winning website where the kids can learn to find solutions to real-life problems using mathematics. This site engages the children by looking into their areas of interest and allows them to handle discussions like “Math in Basketball” or “Math in Fashion.” The beginning of these lessons show videos where people use math to solve problems in their jobs. The kids are encouraged to solve a similar challenge. For instance, in learning a topic like “Math in Videogames,” the kids are asked to plot a spaceship’s flight path in a way that it doesn’t collide with an asteroid. Once they’ve solved this, they would watch the game designers solving the problem with math and learn their lessons. This ensures that they don’t suffer a reduction in their mental capacity but get better during the break.

Reading eggs – learn to read

Reading eggs is an app built based on scientific research by very experienced teachers and educators to help kids develop their phonics and reading skills. It is a step-by-step program designed to motivate and teach them with interactive activities, hundreds of lessons that can be learned at their pace, and more than 2500 books for the kids to read so that they don’t fall into the summer slide. It also has worksheets that can be printed to enable the children to practice what they have learned offline as well. This app encourages family literacy and prevents reading loss over the summer even as the kids continue to enjoy their holidays at home. With 10 million users worldwide, this app is tested as one of the best summer learning apps to offer your children the best learning and entertainment experience


This is a gamelike learning app that helps teens to stay motivated and build some resilience in achieving their goals by taking daily steps. It can help them improve self-image and also break some negative patterns that they may have adopted at some point. With this tool, the teens are taught to become more confident in themselves and their ability and also learn to do things without stress. There’s also that additional social element to it as the teens can meet and connect with other teens as well, which can aid their progress. Although this tool can be customized to meet the needs of individual teens, it might take a while actually to set it up the way you want it. Time planning and management, organization, and hyperactivity are some of those skills which will be taught or sharpened in your kids. It is a free tool and is available for web browsers and iOS.

ABCya Games

This is a tool that allows the kids to learn through gaming. It has a wide range of games that aligns with specific standards and are super fun. This ensures that the kids can keep themselves fresh and avoid the summer slide. As your kids play through the holiday, ABCya games ensure that your children’s screen time throughout the summer is valuable and can be used to teach specific topics that can help the kids grow. For Pre-Kindergarten through 6, there are more than 400 educational and fun games with the activities designed by educators and parents that understand the role of fun in helping kids learn and have added the spice to this app to make it a standard summer learning app. The games are categorized based on subject and grade, with multiple cover topics like parts of speech, multiplication table, pattern recognition, typing, etc. this tool is accessible through web browsers and also available on android, iOS.

CodeSpark Academy: Kids Coding

This is an award-winning app that allows kids to learn to code. This tool also combines learning and fun so that the kids don’t get bored while learning. The kids are made to solve complex computing programs without even realizing it. The kids also get to learn how to add some creative elements to create a game map. They then start to play through what they created and take on different monthly challenges throughout the summer.

CodeSpark Academy sends out coding activities every week throughout the summer months so that your kids are at alert and continue to learn and avoid summer slide even outside the school corridors. As the kids learn to code, they also sharpen their problem-solving skills and other skills they would need to succeed in their academics.

Rocket Math

This is an online game that allows the kids to learn and practice math facts at a fast pace. It consists of sixteen learning tracks that enable the students to achieve mastery at a particular math fact. This teaches the kids to have a sense of accomplishment as they work their way through different fact sequences from level A to Z. the game also has many milestones, which give adds an extra layer of fun, recognition, and encouragement to their progress. This makes this app an ideal learning app to keep your kids engaged throughout the summer. The math fact for the primary classes range through addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. And this gets harder with the level. So, over the summer, you can expect your kids to be more confident in their math rather than experience a summer slide.


The summer holidays afford your kids with enough time to have fun, but with this excessive fun comes the prospect of an academic slide. The best way to prevent this is by engaging them academically. Since you can’t do this in the school, you can join them through summer learning apps, and these are some of the best there is.

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