Meet the YAAO smartphone with a 10,900mAh battery

Thomas Wellburn
November 30, 2016

Chinese smartphone manufacturer YAAO has just released a smartphone with a huge 10,900mAh battery.

Smartphone batteries are the bane of many users existence. They never last long enough and they never seem to charge fast enough. Chinese company YAAO might not be able to fix the last one but if it’s capacity you’re after, the YAAO 6000 could be what you’re looking for. Shipping with a mammoth 10,900mAh battery, the device has taken inspiration from Lamborghini supercars.

YAAO smartphone could last a working week…

We know what you’re thinking… it’s going to be huge right? Well according to the press images, the thickness doesn’t seem to be that bad, though the manufacturer has failed to provide any official dimensions. In terms of hardware, things are quite basic inside. You’ll get an entry-level MediaTek MT6735 processor, 1GB RAM and 16GB internal memory. Screen size is not too big at 5.5-inches, while the resolution is a low 1280 x 720. The rear camera is 13 megapixels and the front is 5 megapixels. Not the most incredible hardware, however the frugal processor should help to improve battery life even further. We wouldn’t be surprised if this handset could last 4 days on a full charge, though the bulky footprint in your pocket may not be a worthwhile trade-off.

The phone is up for a fire pre-sale on Chinese website Jingdong for ¥ 1499.00 (roughly £174.88). It’ll probably never appear in Western markets unless another manufacturer rebrands and sells it here. With those sort of hardware specs and a somewhat outlandish design, we can’t see it appealing to people over here anyway.

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