When will the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 stop exploding?

Thomas Wellburn
September 15, 2016

Another day… another Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bursting into flames. It seems to be getting somewhat out of hand.

Caught on camera by Sharon Cain, a nurse, it took place on a highway in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Details on the newest incident are still sketchy at best, but a video taken by a bystander apparently shows a car bursting into flames because of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

She was told that the 55-year old driver of the vehicle was charging his phone when a ‘loud pop’ was heard. Before he knew it, the entire handset blew up and proceeded to ignite the inside of his car. The footage is yet to be officially confirmed by Samsung or the authorities but it’s easy to see why the issue has become so prominent.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now banned from most flights

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is currently banned from use on planes in the U.S and Australia, while the UK Civil Aviation Authority has issued a warning to all users telling them to keep the handset turned off during commercial flights.

Samsung’s global recall initiative continues to be in effect, offering free replacements to everyone who recently purchased the device.

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