Unlocked: How to use any SIM On iPhone

Lisa Parker
March 28, 2017

Network operators are smart. They don’t like you getting devices unlocked. If you’ve just bought a brand new iPhone, chances are it will be locked to a network. While it is usually possible to get the device unlocked for a fee, this isn’t always quick and easy. If you want to enjoy your new iPhone completely free of carrier lock, we’ve got a few tips below.

How To Unlock iPhone

Software Unlocking

Previously, you could download software to get your phone unlocked. There used to many apps available in the iTunes App Store which could do this, however Apple has since clamped down on security. Nowadays, none of these apps  will work successfully on anything above the 3G. This handset was released way back in 2008.

Hardware Unlocking

Hardware unlocking is the popular choice for most users and is successful for 30% in most instances. This involves hiring an expert who use a number of measures so calls and text can go through other SIM cards. The unlocking can be done using software to ‘flash’ the device or hardware, where a physical modification is implemented to change how the device functions. Obviously, this isn’t without its risks. Internal damage to the phone hardware and potential software corruption are the main concerns, as is voiding the warranty. Once you’ve gone to this extreme, you won’t be able to take advantage of Apple Care or any first-party warranties in place.

IMEI Network Unlocking

Getting a handset IMEI network unlocked is the only official method to unlock iPhone 6 and needs to be done through a carrier. The IMEI code is an ID code unique to that device. This can be tricky to do as most networks are reluctant to lose a customer. Still, carriers have a legal obligation to comply with any requests, so pressure them until you get a response! In the UK, you’ll need to get a PAC code from your network authorizing the change. Sometimes they will charge a fee for this.

  • The provider will enter your IMEI number and try to find an official unlock code from the Apple and network carrier database.
  • This is also known as IMEI whitelisting and the process requires acquiring an official unlock code from the Apple/network carrier.
  • Once the code is received, you will receive an email notification with the instructions.
  • You need to reboot your system with the new SIM card and then enter the unlock code when prompted for ‘SIM Network Unlock Pin’.
  • You can sync the phone with the iTunes to receive a confirmation message regarding the phone unlock mechanism.


Even though most people get by with a locked iPhone, there’s still plenty of benefits to getting the handset unlocked. You’ll be able to grab the best deals on SIM-only contracts and enjoy uninterrupted roaming services when travelling abroad. If you’re a power user who wants to get the absolute best data plan for your iPhone device, it makes sense to go the extra mile and get the handset unlocked.

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