Samsung runs Note 7 apology in three major newspapers

Thomas Wellburn
November 8, 2016

Samsung has today run a full-page Galaxy Note 7 apology in three US national newspapers.

After two recalls and numerous documented cases of faulty handsets going up in flames, it’s fair to say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a complete disaster. The electronics giant is still reeling from the effects as it desperately tries to claw back customer trust, which so far is pretty low. In their latest attempt to clarify things, the company has issued a full-page apology in three US national newspapers – the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.

Signed by Gregory Lee, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America, the apology says that the company is “truly sorry” and that loyalty is “earned, not given”. It also goes into detail about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall, saying that a full investigation is underway to determine the cause of the issue. The full piece can be viewed below:


Samsung has been having a hard time with dodgy products recently, as there’s also been reports of the Galaxy J5 and some of their washing machines meeting a similar fate. The company has recalled some 3 million washing machines after safety concerns, with more to come.

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