Samsung Galaxy Note 7 infograph shows what went down

Thomas Wellburn
October 17, 2016

Dutch smartphone comparison website mobielkopen has today released a detailed infographic showing everything that went down in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

If you were one of the people sat on the sidelines during the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch, it was probably quite difficult keeping up with everything going on. Smartphones were exploding every other day, while some aviation authorities completely banned the handset on certain flights. There’s no doubt that Samsung will issue a statement in the future which hopefully answers some of our ‘burning’ questions but until then, we’re all stuck trying to process exactly what happened.

Mobielkopen probably isn’t a website you’ve heard of here in the UK. They’re a Dutch company who typically specialise in smartphone price comparisons but today released a handy infographic detailing everything that went down. It’s easy to forget all the things that happen in roughly ten weeks, starting with a huge launch and ending with the global recall of all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets.

There’s still no word on what exactly Samsung plans to do with all those Galaxy Note 7 handsets. Recycling them for key materials is a possibility but we suspect a large portion of the hardware will end up in landfill or a warehouse somewhere… Indiana Jones style.

Samsung galaxy note 7

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