Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exchange program in UK from today

Thomas Wellburn
September 19, 2016

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exchange program has gone live in the UK today, with the company swapping out dangerous units for safer models.

Samsung will be personally swapping the faulty handset, with customers receiving a call from their network provider or operator to arrange the exchange. Those who haven’t already received a call should contact their network provider or operator straight away to organise a replacement.

Sales of the Samsung Galaxy note 7 were halted just before the UK launch date of September 2nd, meaning that very few people actually got their hands on the device. The new handset was pulled due to safety issues concerning the battery cells used after several Note 7’s spontaneously exploded or caught fire.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ever go on sale again?

Nobody knows for sure when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will go on sale again, with retailers notably cautious about giving concrete dates. Carphone Warehouse has slated October 21st as a possible re-release, while others have been totally silent.

To date, roughly 2.5 million Note 7 units have been recalled in total, resulting in the companys stock valuation dropping by over $26 billion. Samsung claims the issue is only said to effect a small number of devices.

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