At risk Galaxy Note 7 users getting software update

Thomas Wellburn
September 21, 2016

Samsung has today started pushing out an update for Galaxy note 7 users using ‘at risk’ handsets, which prompts them to exchange the device asap.

The electronics giant has started getting serious about the new update, no doubt due to large volume of damaging reports emerging on social media. Handsets exploding in cars, garages and even restaurants is hardly good PR, so Samsung has taken it among themselves to warn effected users personally.

A software update is being pushed out to all Galaxy Note 7 devices manufactured during the battery vulnerability period, prompting users to swap their handset as part of the exchange program. According to Samsung, the notice will appear every time users power up or charge the device. It sates that they must “Power down and stop using the phone”, as “The battery may overheat posing a fire or burn risk.”

galaxy note 7

There is then a web link underneath which leads to the recall page on the Samsung website, advising users to exchange the device at earliest opportunity.

Samsung has already started rolling out the program throughout various markets, with the United States having more than 500,000 new handsets ready to be shipped.

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