Apple iPhone 7 frozen in coca-cola for 12 hours

Thomas Wellburn
September 19, 2016

A YouTube user who got his hands on an early Apple iPhone 7 put it through the ultimate stress test, by submerging it in coca cola and freezing the handset for 12 hours.

Plenty of people have been putting the new Apple iPhone 7 through its paces to test the water resistance capabilities and this latest video seems to be an extension of what is possible. YouTube user Taras Maksimuk, aka TechRax, froze his iPhone 7 in a block of coca cola for 12 hours to test its durability. He then used a hammer to thaw it out of the ice, before testing the handset to see if it still worked.

The Apple iPhone 7 survived… almost

Surprisingly, it still worked without a hitch, though there was a few notable issues to be observed. For one, the screen had begun to bubble underneath, suggested that fluid and moisture had leaked into the device. Secondly, the battery appeared to have a mind of its own, switching between percentages without any sort of cohesion.

TechRax has also performed numerous other tests to the Apple iPhone 7 on his channel, including putting it in a microwave (not advisable), boiling it and even tasering it.

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