Apple iPhone 7 performance faster than a Mac Pro

Thomas Wellburn
September 16, 2016

Benchmarks for the new Apple iPhone 7 A10 chipset are now in and it’s fast… very fast.

Intel has pretty much been the dominant player in the world of desktops and laptops, with AMD the only really competitor. While the company will no doubt keep that crown for a bit longer, they should be starting to sweat a little. Apple chipsets have always had very fast single-core performance, with scores that completely outpace their Android counterparts. With the iPhone 7 though, things are different. This handset doesn’t just outpace Android devices, it even outpaces Macs.

Geekbench is a website and application which pushes handset performance to the limits, providing a score for both single-core performance and multi-core. Obviously, with most phones now having more than one core, the former is arguably a better test for measuring pure performance. The A10 Fusion chip found inside the Apple iPhone has just been put through its paces on the app and results are pretty impressive to say the least.


Apple iPhone 7 has beaten an Intel desktop…

The latest iPhone 7 has scored 3261 on the single core test, beating the late 2013 Mac Pro machine, which got 3223. It may only be a narrow win but this a desktop level, Intel Xeon machine. These processors are reserved for only the most intensive of tasks and are typically marketed at businesses who need to do intense number crunching, simulation work or video editing.

Obviously, Apple devices have always been notoriously hard to benchmark against other products. The company is pretty about drawing comparisons to other handsets, but this result definitely shows just how much mobile has come.

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