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Matthew Cook
August 20, 2018

The new bluetooth Immerse wireless headphones from Kitsound

Now firstly these headphones may seem a bit steep at £60 but they are not your usual Bluetooth headphones and very much value for money. Once you activate the noise cancellation a world of uninterrupted music awaits you, perfect for your ABBA indulgent moments. 

The headphone pads are very comfortable and the head band is sturdy giving a quality feel that is quite pleasing and makes me feel like the bell of the ball. Also with a nice and handy large L for left and R for right on the inside of the headphones for those who always get it the wrong way round was a lovely addition.

The battery charge is handled by a standard micro-USB cable, giving a 12-hour battery life, provided you’re not always activating the noise cancellation. Without constant use of the noise cancellation you can get around six hours constant usage almost enough time to listen to the entire works of Spandau Ballet.

The only drawback I found with these headphones is that if you leave the headphones over night without charging it always runs out of charge, with no power saver mode it seems you’ll have to always have to keep it on charge. If you forget to charge them then your commute to work is suddenly people amplified, in short you quickly get used to drowning out the sound of your fellow people, quite enjoyably fast.  

For Bluethooth headphones I found the sound quality to be very good, with a low volume cap there was less of a chance for distortion, plus with the noise cancellation the volume doesn’t need to be too high.

On a side note while I was first using these headphones building work was going on in the floor above our office, I used these headphones constantly throughout the day and they made the noise almost bearable, while I supped on Wagner and Rachmaninoff.

At first I thought the noise cancellation was a bit of a gimmick, but as with many things once you start getting used to it its hard to go back, thanks to the Immerse wireless headphones I’m a noise cancellation convert. If I were to spend £60 on a reasonable quality sound pair of Bluetooth headphones these little bad boys would be my first port of call. 

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