MyZone MZ-3 review

Stephen Watson
August 27, 2018

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Here at What Mobile we love reviewing all sorts of tech and was lucky to recently be given the chance to review the MyZone MZ-3. Which is a fitness tracker that gives you the chance to monitor your heart rate and also allows you to get accurate measurements such as the number of calories burned. It also gives you the chance to track your regular exercise so you can set targets.

Once you unpack the device and register the device by connecting to your phone the set up is fairly easy but editing your details such as weight and height was not as intuitive as I would have liked. However, once you understand what needs to be done is very simple to use.

The design is very simple and is not something you would look at and think it might break as it comes with a robust fitting between the strap and the module. Two poppers that fix the device directly to the belt which leaves you confident is the quality of the product. The strap comes in multiple sizes ( Small, Medium & Large) but can be adjusted to fit perfectly.  

The MZ-3 comes into its own when you pair it to the Myzone app which is available on both Andriod and iOS. As you would expect the calorie burn total and highly accurate heart rate measurements. The icing on the cake is the effort stream which displays the current percentage you are exercising at, which in turn converts into rewards for your MEP’s (MyZone Effort Points).

So the higher your heart rate and the time you spend in that heart rate zone it determines that amount of points you are rewarded. You can use the MEP’s to achieve the monthly target or by using the social aspect of the app. This allows you to challenge other MZ-3 users within the MyZone’s global network.  So the fitter you get the harder you will have to work to achieve those high MEP scores which makes you competitive to achieve better results.

A real bonus of this app is it allows you to view friends recent workouts and view your personal activity calendar and lets you set up new challenges and see your overall MEP’s for the week, month or even year. You can also take pictures of your exercise session and post the picture to the app.

The battery life is claimed to last as long as seven months now this is something we will update in due course but we have used this several times a week for the last few weeks and we still have a good amount of battery so no concern of the battery life running low anytime soon.

Would I buy this product?  Well at £129.99 if you are of a competitive nature this device you will love and with the never-ending cycle of increased training effort will give you those MEP’s and reach your fitness goals. So if you’re serious about your fitness then go and buy the MZ-3.

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