Snapchat adds new ‘Stories’ feature to detail your day

Jamie Feltham
October 3, 2013

Snap-happy app(y) Snapchat has enjoyed great success ever since it launched on smartphones. These days the photo and video sharing service sees around 350 million pictures displayed every day, which is a lot of exotic-looking food.

It’s set to keep on growing too, with the developers today announcing an entirely new feature – Snapchat Stories.

Instead of creating a picture or film that will be sent out once and eventually disappear, users are now able to chronicle the last 24 hours of their life in one place. Any photos or videos taken within the space of the same day can be compiled together to detail the events of your life. Better yet, these folders aren’t restrained by the app’s usual time restrictions, so you’ll be able to browse your friends slideshows whenever you like.

It seems like an easier way to keep up with your friends over Facebook statuses and Tweets. Still, we guess you’ve got to have an interesting day for it to be worthwhile; no one wants to see us make our lunch in the morning, do they?

Source: The Verge

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