Pokémon Go chat app coming soon – from Razer

Manny Pham
July 20, 2016

A Pokémon Go chat app was always the logical thing to do and it’s finally coming, but it’s come from an unlikely developer.

Pokémon Go has forced people to get off their arses, explore their neighbourhoods and make some awkward/awesome interactions with fellow Pokémon trainers. Well now you can communicate with a wider range of trainers thanks to Razer. The new app is called RazerGo and will work seamlessly with the Pokémon Go app on both iOS and Android.

The app will also support team colours, a variety of chat modes and coming soon; pop-up chat beacons. So if you’re team Instinct like me and you’re stuck behind enemy lines, you can get talking to people to help you take over a gym.

Ideal for this situation is local mode, allowing trainers to reach out to other trainers within three miles. Regional mode will allow a reach of up to 60 miles and global mode will of course reach all players.

The coming soon pop-up chat beacons allow players to drop beacons on the map for other players to see and interact with, unlocking a regionalised chat room.

Pokémon Go chat app is not Nintendo or Niantic

RazerGo is in no way affiliated with Niantic or Nintendo. No pictures of the app or the web browser version are available, so it remains to be seen how seamless the new Pokémon Go chat app will be.

A web version of RazerGo will go online tonight at 22:00 ET, with both iOS and Android apps to follow on the 25th of July.

If you’re lucky enough to be in San Diego, Razer are holding a Pokécrawl starting at the RazerStore in Westfield San Francisco Centre at 18:00 ET, tonight. Expect free goodies and lure drops from Razer.

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