McDonald’s and Angry Birds team up with awful custom burgers

Thomas Wellburn
May 20, 2016

To coincide with the release of the Angry Birds movie in China, McDonald’s has exclusively released possibly the least tasty burgers we’ve ever seen.

There’s two variants currently on sale: a green version curiously named “Naughty Green Pork Burger” and a red version named “Angry Red Burger”. The former features pork, egg, lettuce and some seriously bright green sauce. The latter is a bit more traditional, featuring some breaded chicken and lettuce. Interestingly, McDonald’s has also kitted out its stores with Angry Bird’s decor that includes branding on just about every bit of the building.

It’s an odd move by them to create a burger that is moldy green, even if the pretense was to look like a Pig from the popular game. Typically, when you see a burger of that colour, it’s a sign that you shouldn’t eat it. Meanwhile, over on our side of the world, McDondald’s has been trying pretty hard to improve their image, with better quality meats and an effort to make the food generally healthier.

Maybe China should follow suit. Feast your eyes on the images below… and try not to hurl.

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