Make free calls worldwide with this weeks top smartphone apps

Thomas Wellburn
May 17, 2016

Our top apps for this week! 

Apps are the reason why we love our smartphones so much, it’s like having tons of useful little assistants at your beck and call. So why not recruit some new ones to get you through the week!

Foobar2000 (Android only) 


Foobar2000 is a simple media player that has existed in the PC world for quite some time. Finally making the jump to Android, it brings with it the same simple user interface that made the application so popular, plus an extensive list of DSP effects designed to spruce up your music. It also supports full gapless playback support, a necessity if you’re ever going to be taken seriously in the music player world.

History Vault (iOS only)

history vault

Currently only available in the United States, History Vault is a gateway into the world of historical documentaries and more, bringing on demand content from the popular channel directly to your smartphone. The service is subscription based much like Netflix and charges $4.99 a month to get access to the content, although there is a 7-day free trial. The application also supports “picture in picture” mode, allowing you to multitask on your Apple device. (Android and iOS) is a brand new social media application that focuses on… you guessed it, making lists to share with other people. Topics can be searched and you’ve got the ability to save your favourite lists for future reference. This is all topped off by a very clean and sleek user interface that seems to take pages out of Twitter and Facebook. A modern take on the social network that has the potential to be something pretty decent, so long as the market adopts to it.

MagicJack Connect (Android and iOS)

magicjack connect


An international calling service with access to over 60 countries, MagicJack Connect uses WiFI and 3G/4G/LTE to make free calls worldwide. Any device with a data connection should be able to take advantage, making this a powerful caller app.  Some countries such as the Dominican Republic and Columbia will require additional fees, but the majority of the big players don’t cost a penny. Currently only available in the United States, we have our fingers crossed that it’ll head over to the UK soon.

Spaces (Android and iOS)



Spaces is a new application straight from the Google hivemind, which allows group collaboration and sharing of content. Users create a space and then invite others to join, where members can share anything from photos to links and more. With Google Search embedded directly into the application, it’s also really easy to find something that was posted. All it takes is a simple tap of the button.

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