Survive the undead in this weeks top smartphone games

Thomas Wellburn
May 13, 2016

Mobile gaming is an industry that only keeps getting bigger. Games act as a perfect companion for those stressful morning commutes or short journeys. However, with the wealth of titles on offer it can be a little daunting to separate the good from the bad.

We’re bringing back the top 5! Here’s our pick of the five best smartphone games this week!

Bejeweled Stars (Android and iOS)

Price: Free (in-app purchases)


If you’ve played Bejeweled before, you’ll probably know what to expect here. For everyone else, we’ll give you a little heads up. Match up three of the same coloured gems to rack up points and increase your score in a variety of different arenas. In Bejeweled Stars, things are bit more interesting, with additional challenges and collectible charms. There’s also a new SkyGems element that grants you special abilities with the possibility of winning the game in one swoop.

Puzzlepops! (iOS only)

Price: Free (in-app purchases)


Puzzlepops is a match game with a bit of a twist, since it doesn’t use the usual falling grid layout that many of are accustomed to. You’ll need to swipe the various pieces of candy along preset paths in order to complete the puzzle. Certain pieces of candy are more deadly than others, including the elusive jawbreaker, which smashes everything in its path and needs to be treated with extra care. There’s also chocolate, which can only be moved by double-tapping the screen or shaking your device… just to make things even more complicated.

REDCON (Android and iOS)

Price: Free (in-app purchases)


REDCON is a new artillery combat game that focuses on upgrading your turret to take on a traitorous general. You’ll then be thrown into a battle scenario where you’ll need to wipe out whatever is on the right side of the screen, picking specific turrets to strategically cripple the enemy. This is all while ordering soldier units inside the turrets to keep everything smoothly, be it manning weapons or repairing damaged areas. Victories earn points, which can then be used to get bigger guns and blast more crap out of the enemy.

Bushido Bear (Android and iOS)

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

bushido bear

From the same developer who created the excellent Alphabear comes Bushido Bear. If Fruit Ninja and Alphabear had a baby, this is probably what it would look like. Take the best elements from both games and join them together, for some lovely casual commute fun. It’s your job to defend the forest by drawing attack patterns to ward off enemies. Stay alive for as long as possible to rack up points, which can then be used to upgrade Smoky Bear with additional abilities.

Last Empire-War Z (Android and iOS)

Price: Free (In-app purchases)

last empire war z

Walking Dead fans will probably have a field day with this title, which seems to take quite a bit of inspiration from the popular Graphic Novel and TV Series. Last Empire is pretty much a tower defense game with a real-time twist, where you build up your base and then subsequently see it get charged by hordes of undead. Picking the correct buildings to effectively manage resources and keep a good cash flow is pivotal, as is keeping an eye on units to make sure they don’t get killed.

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