Loot EVERYTHING in this weeks top smartphone games

Manny Pham
May 20, 2016

Mobile gaming is an industry that only keeps getting bigger. Games act as a perfect companion for those stressful morning commutes or short journeys. However, with the wealth of titles on offer it can be a little daunting to separate the good from the bad.

We’re bringing back the Top 5! Here’s our pick of the five best smartphone games this week!

Looty Dungeon (iOS only)

Price: Free

Looty Dungeon

With a name like that, you pretty much know what you’re in for; dungeon crawling and a load of loot. The more loot and money you pick up, the more you heroes you can buy to upgrade.

A simple game that you can play with one hand, but very challenging with enticing loot that will test your gluttony. Get the biggest sword you can and go in swinging. Good luck, you’ll need it.


Price: Free


Pong on a lot of party drugs is the best way to describe PKTBALL. This super colourful title takes a tried and classic formula, refined it to something super fun! It’s a game of reactions to outsmart your AI opponents. Win matches and unlock new characters that come with their own themed courts.

Multiplayer is available if you’re think you’re ready. Playing against AI is good but beating someone all the way in Germany takes such a priority – you’ll forget to get off your stop…

Dulp (Android and iOS)

Price: Free


Colour Switch. I mean Dulp… is a brand new game with some similarities to Colour Switch. You’re dealing with colour matching and circles again but this is more of a game of Bubble Bubble.

Shoot your coloured balls (behave) at the matching section of the rotating circle to advanced through levels. Things get fast and infuriating or infuriatingly fast should I say. Playing this song won’t exactly help, but it kinda adds to the experience. Your choice.

Phantom of the Kill (Android and iOS)

Price: Free

phantom of the kill

It’s a generic named role-playing game and the world you’re fighting in is called Yggdrasil (another RPG cliche). But Phantom of the Kill does offer a glimpse of what Fire Emblem on smartphones could end up like, and it actually plays pretty well.

Nintendo will bring Fire Emblem soon to smartphones soon, in the mean time PotK offers something to satisfy you in the mean time. Anime cut scenes, weapon triangle system, the world is ending. They might as well call it ‘Fire Insignia.’

Tap Tap Dash (Android and iOS)

Price: Free

tap tap dash

Just when we got over Twist another infuriating and beguiling game makes its way onto our phones. Tap Tap Dash is a super colourful game that you would be forgiven for thinking it’s a child’s game.

Well this child’s game will have you close to smashing your phone in a fit of rage. It’s a game for masochists, there’s 250 levels of masochism for you to ‘enjoy’ and you will love it. Tap your animal out of immediate danger in this reactionary wonder.

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