Immersive Mobile Casino Games You Never Knew Existed

Hammad Basharat
November 19, 2019

Not everyone has enough time to sink hours and hours into an immersive video game experience such as Fortnite – many people prefer more streamlined releases that they can play smoothly while on the go. The good news is that there are many immersive mobile casino games out there. With the ever-increasing technological prowess of smartphones, mobile casino developments have become much faster, slicker and better looking in recent years, heightening the level of immersion for mobile gamers. 

Casino releases, along with console titles like Fortnite, are continuing to grow in popularity.

There are many immersive mobile casino titles out there, including a range of different styles and genres with a bit of something for everyone. As a result, here are some of the best and most popular on the market right now.

Rainbow Riches 

For many years, bingo has been enjoyed by the masses in traditional gaming halls. But following the growth of digital platforms, the ever-popular numbers game can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home, and in a number of different formats. Aside from being available in its original form, Slingo is a modern style of online bingo that combines with digital slots.

While staying true to the number-marking game’s traditional outlook, Rainbow Riches – one of the many existing Slingo titles, is designed in a five-row style that offers a unique experience by intertwining two of the most popular game modes. In addition to the genre’s forward-thinking development, the mobile-friendly release boasts a variety of bonus opportunities including multipliers, prize bonuses, and surprise wishing-well rewards. Crucially, the adventurous and colourful nature of the enthralling road-to-riches journey has more than enough to captivate interested mobile gamers.

Football: Champions

Ever since the 2014 FIFA World Cup, mobile
football games have become more popular
, and that remains the case. As the
world of football is a highly competitive one, and with the sporting industry
continuing to reach new heights on the pitch, many online casinos are seeking
to mirror the passion of the sport within slot developments. Football:
Champions Cup is a five-reel, 20-payline creation that offers a wide array of
different bonus features. The 2016 European Championships inspired the
production of this all-action release, with in-game, much like real-life
tournament progression, being rewarded with significant prizes.

Out of the available bonus features, the Penalty Shootout element, is one
that accurately portrays the atmospheric tension of knockout football. After
finding three or more bonus symbols, the five-round spot-kick competition will
begin, where many variables decide the winner. Through winning this bonus
component, cash prizes are awarded while multipliers of up to 16x will also
become available.


If you like bright games with dazzling sound effects, then Starburst is one
that should be on your radar. This superb five-reel, three-row, and ten-payline
slot game draws you in with its appealing colour palette. Each time a player
gains a win, Starburst’s reel explodes with colour and hammers home it’s
cracking soundtrack. Moreover, with a range of features, including free spins
and its ‘the wild’ element, players are continually entertained with a desire
to return for more.

Additionally, because there are different ways to go about achieving
combinations within this universally-located title, and as there is the option
to increase or decrease the level’s coin value, replay value is greatly
enhanced by a number of developed variables.

Rise of

Rise of Olympus is a 5×5 grid game inspired by ancient Greek mythology, and some of our favourite tales and fables become playable in this highly interactive and engaging historical casino depiction. The title seeks to bring realism to its backdrop, as it is set on Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek gods. Rise of Olympus excels with its fantastic graphics, setting a new watermark for immersion in mobile games. Furthermore, as a result of its layout, you’ll be able to achieve copious amounts of vertical or horizontal combinations. 

Imagery and setting is key to game success, with historical accuracy being strived for in Rise of Olympus Outdoor Thrillseekers Group Meetup hike/climb.

Hand of God, which is a random unique feature, is occasionally triggered
when spins are unsuccessful, rewarding the player with up to 5,000 times what
they initially bet. Much like Starburst, as each of the included gods have
their own bonus abilities, a new element can be uncovered every time the game
is played, ensuring that it does not become repetitive.

Vikings Go

From Greek to ancient Norse mythology, renowned Swedish mobile gaming
developer, Yggdrasil, created Vikings Go Wild. Players are taken on an
adventure with the wild Viking plunderers across five reels and 25 paylines,
where they are tasked with slaying a horrifying sea monster in this immersive
adventure, by activating the free spins bonus round. If you fancy a
rough-and-ready Viking-themed adventure with a bunch of bearded characters,
then this is the mobile casino game for you.

While the free-spin bonus rounds ensure immersion in the title, other features help to maintain the unpredictability of Vikings Go Wild. On the last line and on the fifth slot reel, a treasure chest symbol appears from time to time and, if found, players can secure various random prizes. Moreover, if the chest is seen during the free-spin bonus round, then the entire reel rewards even more cash prizes and game bonuses.

Who Wants to Be a
Millionaire Megaways Slot

In recent times, popular television quiz shows have been adapted into
immersive mobile casino games. As most people are familiar with Who Wants to Be
a Millionaire, the slot crossover seeks to take participation to the next
level. Regarding appearance, the six-reel layout frequently adds a seventh
horizontal reel which maximises the total amount of winning combinations. The
Big Time Gaming development features distinctive graphics that seek to match
the show’s original setting.

The quiz-inspired recreation, which is available across any smartphone or
tablet, including many
new affordable phones, tablets and other handheld devices
, has several
bonus features that seek to keep players immersed. Within the seventh reel,
scatter symbols will appear and, if found on three occasions, the title’s free
bonus spin features become active. Furthermore, in making the slot adaptation
as similar as possible to the television series, players can also enjoy the hot
seat feature, which offers the chance to win further free spins.

The Market is
Packed with Immersive Options

Whichever genre is of interest to you, there’s plenty out there for any
discerning gamer. From Greek to Norse mythology-inspired experiences, Indiana
Jones-themed adventures, and the universe of Starburst, there’s never a lack of
immersive mobile casino games on the market.

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