The Best Ancient Egypt-themed Mobile Games

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December 24, 2019

Recently we’ve seen successful mobile games that take in everything from bloodthirsty battle royale games like PUBG to serene snowboarding such as Alto’s Adventure. But there has also been an exciting mini-trend for mobile games to take their inspiration from ancient Egypt.

So what are the best options for anybody who enjoys ancient Egypt and wants to try their gaming skills against pharaohs and mummies? Here are just a few of the best mobile games that can help you uncover the wonders of that remarkable ancient civilisation.

Book Of Dead

It’s important to note that not all ancient Egypt mobile games will be shallow rip-offs of exploration games like Tomb Raider. You can check out a Book of Dead review among others to find that the ancient Egypt theme merely creates an impressive backdrop to slot games, renowned for their generous jackpots and bonus games.

Not that the ancient Egypt themes are lacking here. That is because you’ll get to spin reels decorated with famous Egyptian symbols such as the Anubis and Osiris gods. So if you want an accessible introduction into Egyptian-themed gaming with some decent payouts, then the Book of Dead game could be worth a look.

Age Of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt

How an ancient civilisation elevated itself to build those stunning pyramids is one of history’s most enduring mysteries. But now you’ll get the chance to give it a go yourself with the fun Age of Pyramids: Ancient Egypt mobile game.

This building simulation game is set during the times where people believed in gods, and it’s your job to raise your own Egyptian city from the desert. As a result, you’ll have to sail ships down the Nile to get the building blocks necessary for constructing massive temples while making sure that the crops on your farm don’t succumb to blight. What’s best is that this game allows you to summon a range of Egyptian gods like Thoth, Horus and Amun Ra to aid you in your quest of creating the ultimate ancient metropolis.

Egyptian Senet

You may think that all ancient Egyptians did is build pyramids and play with poisonous asps. However, some fascinating historical evidence has proven that this civilisation was surprisingly serious about gaming.

In particular, it’s the board game of Senet that seemed to have kept Egyptians busy in between all of the floods and bouts of pestilence. Thankfully, you don’t have to travel back in time 5,000 years to play Senet as Ezzat Studios have done a pretty good job in recreating this game for your shiny new smartphone. While it’s unlikely to rival the appeal of Minecraft in the app charts, Senet shows that simple concepts like good gameplay will never go out of style.

Secret Expedition To Ancient Egypt

OK so it doesn’t have the catchiest name, and the gameplay might sound a little uninspiring, but Secret Expedition to Ancient Egypt is pretty good fun. The ‘secret expedition’ that you have to carry out is little more than just locating a secret object like an apple or a hat in a very busy screen full of Egyptian scenes.

It might not give you a chance to test the graphical capacities of phones like Sony Xperia 5 to the fullest. But Secret Expedition to Ancient Egypt is the perfect game to play if you are stuck at an airport or a train station and need to kill time painlessly. With over 1,000 objects to spot, and a cool zoom feature that lets you zone in on details in the picture. Secret Expedition to Ancient Egypt shows that you don’t need too many bells and whistles to enjoy some pure mobile gaming fun.

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