Fitbit app gets Windows 10 makeover

Thomas Wellburn
August 14, 2015

Fitbit today announced an update to their popular Windows app which brings forth plenty of new Windows 10 specific features.

The application was designed to compliment the family of fitness wearables and offer some much-needed improvements that take advantage of Microsoft’s new operating system. The new update  is built using the Windows Universal App Platform, allowing it to work on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. It even offers support for Continuum, which allows the interface to adapt according to the device it is being used on.

Fitbit has redesigned the Live Tiles and notification system to show more information and allow enhanced customisation for users. A notification centre has been added which consolidates all your important messages into a dedicated hub, meaning it should be easier to keep tabs on how your friends are doing.

Cortana now has full integration within the app and it’s possible to navigate without actually using the on-screen UI. You can tell Cortana what you had for dinner or how many miles you ran previously and the Fitbit app will immediately add it to the records for your fitness-tracking needs. Bluetooth also gets a little bump, with improved syncing capabilities which should allow faster device pairing.

The new Fitbit app for Windows 10 is available now for free and should be compatible with the entire product range. It’s currently limited to the desktop, though mobile and Xbox One versions are due out towards the end of the year.

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