Breathe using your air hole with our top apps

Manny Pham
June 13, 2016

Apps are the reason why we love our smartphones so much, it’s like having tons of useful little assistants at your beck and call. So why not recruit some new ones to get you through the week! 

Breathe+ Relaxation and Breath Training (iOS only)

Price: Free

Breathe+ and relaxation apps

According to the World Health Organisation, breathing is imperative to your survival. Who knew? So here’s an app that will help you with that. To be more specific Breathe+ aids in the visualisation of your breathing. It’s particularly useful to those into Yoga, meditation and to overall relax and lower your blood pressure.

Relatively simple to use, simply look at the screen and breathe in rhythm to the graph. You can set the session for however long you want until you’re comfortable for longer sessions.

Flamingo for Twitter Beta (Android only)

Price: £0.79

flamingo for twitter apps

Flaming for Twitter Beta may be another Twitter client, but it’s awesome. Twitter has recently changed its material design to freshen things up a little, but it still looks like Twitter. If you’re looking for a fresh look with the Twitter experience, you may want to check out Flaming Beta.

There’s also a theme manager for when you eventually get bored of the current theme. This app has beaten Twitter to a night mode and you’ll be able to do customise columns, manage multiple accounts and and wiping navigation.

BitCam (iOS only)

Price: Free

bitcam apps

Remember the awful Game Boy camera you thought was super cool at the time? Well if you’re feeling nostalgic and want to recreate that picture of your brother in the bath in his all natural pixelated glory, BitCam is up your troll street.

BitCam is simple enough to use, choose how pixelated you want the shot to be by selecting FatBits, Standard and Super-Res. It’s a bit cheeky how we’re expected to pay for some colour with our photos (I really want to see), but at least there’s an option to take shots for Instagram posts.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (Android and iOS)

Price: Free for iOS, £0.99 for Android

sleep cycle alarm clock apps

We’re quite used to sleep monitors here in the What Mobile office, thanks to all the wearables we’ve reviewed. While it was great using them to see how nocturnal we actually are, there was one common problem. We don’t particularly like wearing anything while sleeping.

Apps like Sleep Cycle help by using the built-in microphone to monitor your sleep, as oppose to a motion sensor on a wearable. The app will be able to distinguish between snoring, your partner tossing and turning, and ambient nosies. It also links with Apple Health to provide a cohesive analysis of your health data.

Vault Amino for Fallout (Android and iOS)

Price: Free

fallout amino apps

Community is a beautiful concept and no community is as creative as the gaming community. Within the gaming community are fragments of communities dedicated to  particular games; creating memes, guides and offers of co-operation, to help enhance fellow gamer’s experiences.

Vault Amino for Fallout is an app to bring the Fallout community together on the go. You’re given a feed of the latest original content from Fallout fans all over the world. Memes, rants, new PC mods and artworks are posted on a daily basis, to even further your love for the wasteland of Fallout.

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