Review: RocketBook Everlast  & Everlast Mini Note Pad

Stephen Watson
January 25, 2019

The RocketBook Everlast- £34.99 available from Amazon

Not everyone likes making notes on a PC or Mac and prefer going old school with a pad and pen. You may also like making notes in a meeting but hate the fact if you make an error your page looks nasty with mistake marks over it.  Fear not we have the answer introducing the RocketBook Everlast and Everlast Mini.

Rocketbook is the Kickstarter- funded company that come up with items such as the microwavable notebook. Now Rocketbook has a number of different products but in this review, we will cover the Everlast and its little brother the Everlast Mini.

So both notebooks have the Frixion Pen which allows you to simply wipe your mistakes of the page without making any mess. Make sure you only use the Frixion Pen or it won’t work properly!

So the Everlast works in the following way using the FriXion Pen to make your notes and you can take a picture to scan the notes and you can save to either the JPEG or PDF formats and then you can send to a number of different locations such as your messages, email, Google Docs, Dropbox to name a few.  Want a fresh page after you have saved your notes not a problem simply take the cloth provided and give it a wipe and you have that fresh page in a heartbeat. In the everlast you do have 36 pages but if you save and wipe you might only continue to use ¾ pages but it’s nice to have if you need more.

Would I use this product? Yes, I have used this a lot considering I used to live on a notepad as the day job is dealing with the sales side for Mobile News Magazine. I find the Everlast amazing for making notes and great for saving on paper as once I don’t need that note I have left for myself I can simply wipe and go or if I want to save notes I can do this also.

I also thought about my Uni life and how having something like this would have been such as massive help when making notes in the class. I looked back at my uni books and could spot mistakes if I had the Everlast my notes would have been error-free and looked smart.  

Back to my work life, the everlast frees my desk of many post-it notes the everlast even allows me to make a to-do list and like a whiteboard wipe out what has been completed. Unlike a whiteboard, I can take it anywhere. I am a person who is always writing things down and this is a godsend. Plus the everlast also stops the use of lots of paper which is not a bad idea in the century of looking after the planet.

The scanning of notes is also a great addition to the product as all you need to is assign each of the seven icons at the bottom of the page, for example, the Apple Symbol can be iCloud. Just make sure you a line in the middle of the symbol you want to to be sent to. Then when you scan using the app it sends to that destination. What I like about this is you can send to multiple locations.  

In terms of negatives of this product, you have to use the Frixion pen which using this for work I nearly used the wrong pen a few times but stopped myself.  This I feel can be a little inconvenient plus if you lose the pen you have to order a new one online maybe you should be given a spare in the pack. Having said that you can buy a pack of 12 on Amazon for only £7.99.  

So overall this is a great tool and really does reinvent the simple notepad as it saves you money on buying a new pad once full and also saves on paper.  What I love about this is make a mistake and simply wipe and carry on as normal. It also allows you to send your notes to a number of places. So this really is a great tool for the office or university and at £34.99 it’s well worth the money.

Rocketbook Everlast Mini Notebook – £15.99 available from Amazon

The Everlast Mini is the little brother of the Everlast and the mini is perfect for anyone who has to make notes on the move. Like the Everlast is is erasable and reusable notepad. It also enables you to scan and send your notes to a number of sources the same as its larger brother the Everlast.

The Rocketbook Everlast Mini Notebook is now available on Indiegogo in a variety of packages. My sample came with the notebook, a black FriXion pen, and a microfiber towel which is great for wiping errors clean off the page.


Now the design of the Mini is very much like any other notepad in terms of size but it the pages that are the difference as they are a synthetic blend that not only is it durable it also repels water. Like the Everlast, the benefit of this product is the erasability and the ink from the Frixion pens drys after 15 seconds so no smudging.

The Mini has 24 double-sided pages making it the perfect to-do list. The only thing to consider is if you’re taking a lot of notes to fast you might be better with the Everlast over the Mini as it does take about 15 sec to dry or you will get a smudge.

As mentioned in the Everlast review to save your notes use the Rocketbook smartphone app and to scan a page so you save your work. Simply tap new scan to access the camera on your phone and snap and you’re done. You will notice on each page there is a QR Code and a pre-Printed black frame so simply line up and scan also remember you need to mark the bottom of the page to signal where you want to save your notes.

Like the Everlast, the Mini also has the information sheet that helps you remember what destinations and settings are.   I find the app is a really simple system to use. The scan alignment feature helps a clean shot which helps you have a day worth of notes saved in minutes.

As mentioned you may find that if you are a quick note taker this product won’t be your preferred method due to the fact you need the ink to dry meaning the speed factor will be put into question. This is why I feel if you do take lots of notes quickly stick with the everlast over the everlast mini.  

So as mentioned if you like to make a list of to-do notes and then clean the page at the end of the day this is the perfect product but if you are a quick note taker maybe consider the larger of the two products. However, for the fact that it saves you on using post-it notes and paper all over your desk this is perfect for the environmentally friendly person with a busy life. At £15.99 it’s the perfect note pad for the 21st century.   

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