Review: Activ5 Portable fitness training device and training app

Stephen Watson
May 14, 2019

Fitness on the Move: Available from Amazon for £119.95

Recently I meet with the team behind the Activ5 who showed me what this device and app was all about and what it can do in terms of building your core strength and with a number of different programs that will allow you to increase your strength and fitness.

We were given the chance to review this product and that is what I have been doing for the last month to see if it really does make a difference and my opinion it a very good device that I feel could make a real difference to those who have recently had a stroke like my father who helped me test this device.

The Activ5  device is basically just a palm-sized pebble shaped object that you simply squeeze to create a variety of isometric exercises.  The Pebble shaped product has sensors built in that records how much pressure you apply when squeezing. This is done via the Bluetooth connection that links the Activ5 app on your phone to the device.

The Device is powered by a single AAA Battery that you can expect to last up to twelve months but maybe more depending on how regular you use it. In the box, you only get given the Activ5 device and the stand for your mobile ideal for travel as it folds and quick start guide but you don’t need anything else.

Top tip when using the stand your phone it needs to be in portrait when using the app.

So once you have downloaded the app you need to sign up to an account and this can be done on either iPhone or Android. Once downloaded open the app and connect via Bluetooth and you’re ready to work out.

In terms of using the app, you will find a number of 5-minute workouts that are broken down into 16 mini exercises that are 15 seconds each. When doing s standing chest press 15 seconds can feel like forever. There are also workouts for specific body parts such as the upper body, lower body, get strong, get toned, awesome abs and a routine when in a car/plane/train. If you do a lot of travelling they also have a routine that can be done in your hotel room. They even have a routine for those who want to do yoga/pilates.

What I like about this app is it allows you to track your workouts and the app shows you information such as exercises done, performance and total weight lifted per week to name a few of the stats.

When taking on an exercise the first time you do it the app creates a benchmark meaning your max effort then every time you do the same exercise the app varies the amount of effort required when using the Activ5.

When taking part in an exercise you will see a curve on the screen when the curve increases you need to increase pressure when you squeeze the acriv5 and as you would expect if the curve drops you reduce the pressure. Once finished the app will show your results and add that result to your exercise history.

What i did like was that this app allows you to create multiple profiles for other members of my family to use the Activ5. Now i had my father use this alongside me for a month and as he had a stroke a few years back his strength has been an issue but over the period of a month you can see this app/device has shown an increase in the strength of my father who continues to use the device on a regular bases. Am keen to see the results over a 6 month / 1 year period of use.  

You can also use this device on the plane but what I really like is this can be used in the office and can be used when you don’t have much space and can do a full routine such as shoulder press, leg press, chess press & inner thigh squeeze to just name a few of the 15 second exercises within the office training sections.

Overall this is a great app that allows you to train any part of the body and train basically anywhere either a full workout in your house or even in the office or on a train or a plane. This device allows isometric exercises and coaching sessions that if done over a period of time really do work. You cant remove your gym membership but it will provide that extra workout when on the go to aid your fitness plan.

The Activ5 costs £119.95 from Amazon which I feel is well worth the money considering the cost of the average gym membership. The main bonus I found when using this device is because they are isometric exercises you won’t feel as beat up like a normal gym session sometimes makes me feel. The Activ5 allows you to commit to a routine even when our lives don’t always allow gym time.

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