Top 4 Applications for Novice Drivers

Alex Gordon
July 16, 2019

All motorists now have smartphones, but not all of them use their full potential. Meanwhile, developers are actively working on the creation of applications that could simplify the lives of drivers in the metropolis and give new drivers confidence in their own abilities. We decided to choose the most useful programs that every novice car enthusiast should have on his phone. Therefore, let’s get such a useful thing as a car holder for a phone from the glove box (and if you don’t have it, choose it here, and see what features modern applications give new (as well as experienced) drivers.


This is one of the most famous road navigation apps. The fact that the application works on a voluntary basis and is completely free distinguishes the program from competitors noticeably and favourably. Each participant in the movement who has this application installed can participate in filling Waze with information ‘ send information about the location of the traffic police, reports on accidents, traffic jams and even the price of fuel in a particular place. The application works on OS Android and iOS 6.0 and later versions.


Rain, snow, fog, poor visibility are no longer reasons to postpone the journey, even if you purchased the car quite recently. The application will help create the exact route anywhere in the world and get to the right place without being distracted from the road. Hudway is a navigator that projects an image onto the windshield. To do this, just put it on the front panel. In addition to the projection of the road itself, additional information will be displayed on the glass: the current speed and the distance to turns. And voice prompts will help not to stray from the exact path. The application works only in conditions of poor visibility and at night.

Find My Car

If you forget where you left your car, this application will help you find it. The program is a very useful thing for forgetful drivers. In addition, it will help overcome the fear of those who are afraid to park in the parking lots of shopping centres with their incomprehensible numbering and complex system of levels. Having parked the car, you need to fix its location by simply pressing a button in the application window, and when searching for it, you need to start the program and follow the map that will lead you to your car.


If you are not yet familiar with the process of refuelling your car, and you want to understand exactly how much fuel you consume and in what conditions, install this application. All information will be stored in the form of easy-to-read graphs, and you will be able to generate your ideal routes and speed modes on this basis.

Hope you’ll find these apps useful. So, give up your fears of driving and make sure that the solutions above will make it easier! 

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