App Review: Evian Baby and Me Fan App – accept no imitations!

Alan O'Doherty
July 3, 2013

Evian Baby and Me Fan App

Antwan Bold

Free on Android

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Riding on the coattails of the Evian Baby and Me app this ‘fan tribute’ seems to be designed to lure unsuspecting Android users into downloading an app that will do little more than generate advertising revenue for the developer.

On installing customers are informed that the app is ad funded and that using it will cause pop-ups to appear while using the app and in their notifications while the app is not in use. Within a few minutes you’ll have received at least half a dozen adverts and while trying to use the app you’re likely to be confronted with any number of dubious pop-ups.

Fortunately the pop-ups aren’t likely to bother you for long as I’d be surprised if you spent more than a few minutes on the app before deciding never to use it again. Its ‘features’ include pictures of what complete strangers would look like as Evian Babies, a collation of tweets on the subject of Evian Babies, and links to videos on Facebook about Evian babies. To be fair the app does claim does explicitly claim to be aimed at ‘fans’ but I can’t imagine even the most die-hard Evian enthusiast is going to get much out of this.

The original app from Evian allowed you to use a photograph to create an Evian Baby version of yourself, and it seems like this is what everyone thinks they’ve got hold of.

If it can be said to have a saving grace it comes in the form of the chat feature which gives you access to hundreds of people angrily complaining about how bad the app is and forlornly asking how they can create an Evian Baby version of themselves.

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