App Review: Homestyler

Alan O'Doherty
August 13, 2013

Autodesk Homestyler

Developer: Autodesk

Available free on Android, iOS


If you’ve ever wanted to know how a restyled room would look without the hassle of lifting and shifting furniture this app is perfect. The app allows users to take an photograph of a room, upload it to their phone or tablet and add realistic 3D items from the Homestyler gallery.

You can rotate items, adjust their size and move them around the room to develop an ideal concept home just to see how a new sofa would go look in your living room. Homestyler has a wide range of items you can experiment with and the app covers every room you’d find in the average house. Even if you’re not planning any interior design changes it’s still fun to play around with, like a grown up version of the Sims.

The concept is great and the interface is easy to understand but the app lets itself down a little with fiddly controls that veer between hypersensitivity and a lack of responsiveness. It’s easier to control on a tablet but it does get a little frustrating on a smartphone screen.


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