GIN SLEEVE by AEGIS- Your everyday sleeve that truly protects your laptop from all the shocks of your life.”

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June 29, 2020

Launching on Kickstarter the sleeve that saves your laptop from falls..

Gin Sleeve is an innovative and trendy sleeve that has been developed as an answer to all the shocks of your daily life . The product is designed by us, the Aegis team. We have a good knowledge of the industry, and have collectively created products you probably own and use.

Aegis sets an ambitious goal to re-think the sleeve product, a usually cheap piece of fabric we use to protect our $2000 laptops. We wanted an actual solution and to build a community sharing the same values around it. We like innovating in a way that makes life easier, and safer.

Nowadays, we are at the forefront of technology. We are constantly looking for new opportunities or seeking new technologies. The world deserves the best, but we’ll settle for the best we can do.

We all have at least one laptop somewhere in our lives that need to be transported from time to time. It can be the one from work that you take home to catch up during the weekend or the one you carry to the university everyday to work on your thesis, we all have our reasons. We have always found it cumbersome and unsafe to transport because of the environment: the crowd, the subway, the traffic, etc…

It is dangerous for your laptop. In today’s world, we cannot work without it, my laptop is indeed my work tool. We are writing,
modelling, prototyping, designing with them and so much more. So for us protecting our laptop isn’t only about the shell but all that is inside.

The Gin sleeve has been entirely designed by the Aegis team with years of experience in this market. We engineered the smartest sleeve combining style and smart features. It will fit every occasion: work, pleasure or lazy days, workdays and weekends.

It has a patented technology with engineered materials. It is like a second skin and will fit in all your bags. Your laptop is easy to insert and the sleeve tailored to your device so that it does not move but you can still adjust it. The Aegis solution is an inner corner system set in the sleeve. It absorbs all shocks coming from the corners which are the most fragile parts,
but also the edges. It cancels the effects of the shockwaves by reducing their frequencies as they advance, rendering them harmless by the time they get to the actual laptop.

Gin Sleeve will be available in 13” to 15” for the size. It will be available on Kickstarter from the 18th June at an early bird price of 79$ for the 13” and 89$ for the 15”’. We created a sleeve that truly does what it was always supposed to do, protect.

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