Dare To Venture and capture every journey with the NEW Kitvision Action Camera Range

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January 30, 2019

To venture is to dare. To live, discover and collect experiences – capture your journey with Kitvision.’

Kitvision are calling all sports enthusiasts, intrepid travellers and family adventurers to discover their all-new Venture Action Camera range.

Discover bold new design, soft touch detail and enhanced performance that dares to push you even further than before; you are invited to record life without distraction and capture the journey whilst you live it.

Introducing the small but mighty Venture 4K, Venture 1080p and the Venture 720p action cameras. Designed and built from experience, this new premium range utilised Kitvision’s decade of experience to craft their new look with in-house designs, unique tooling and upgrades to superior image sensors, plus wider viewing angles and true high definition resolution as standard.

“We’ve tapped into our experience and the success of the Escape range to innovate and build action cameras that are up-to-date and able to withstand and record real life. We’re excited to offer the Venture 4K with native 4K Ultra HD resolution as part of a brand new range that has benefited from many technical and aesthetic improvements, for best performance for our Kitvision customers.” – David Frampton, Head of Imaging & Innovation.

The new Venture action camera range has been designed for the very people who use them; with help and knowledge from Kitvision’s Ambassadors and the growing Kitvision Community made up of ‘those who want to try new experiences, adrenalin-seeking adventurers, and families capturing first steps and getaways’.

Kitvision has always prided themselves on their inclusivity and the new collection is no different. Whilst welcoming extensive internal and external developments to this premium range, including the notable move to native 4K resolution, the surprisingly competitive price point still confidently upholds Kitvision’s mission ‘to inspire real people to say yes and to develop high quality, trusted products that give people the confidence to capture every journey.’

  • The Venture 4K (RRP £149.99) benefits from impressive true Ultra High Definition 4K resolution, a 16megapixel photo mode, built-in Wi-Fi and a 1.8-inch touch screen LCD display for even easier navigation on the move.
  • The Venture 1080p (RRP £99.99) also incorporates Wi-Fi for fast wireless connectivity and sharing at your fingertips, whilst also capturing 8-megapixel photos and boasting a 2 inch LCD display.
  • The Venture 720p (RRP £49.99) features that impressive built-in 2 inch LCD display also, whilst capturing 5-megapixel photos in High Definition 720p resolution with the choice of multiple shooting modes.

As with all Kitvision Action Cameras, every camera in the Venture range comes with an extensive bundle of mounts and accessories for maximum use and ultimate convenience. Whether you’re recording from your helmet, handlebars or underwater to 30 metres in the waterproof casing, simply mount and let the camera do what it’s been built for – capturing and collecting life experiences in high definition, whilst you live them.

‘We believe that every journey is different and so, every journey requires a camera that best captures it all. No matter the reason or need to capture; we will produce high-quality products that real people can use, trust and believe in every step of the way.’

Just say yes, and capture every journey with Kitvision. #CaptureYourJourney

The Kitvision Venture action cameras will be available from November from and Amazon UK.

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