Looking for a new phone case check out Tech 21 new range including The Liberty London Range

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February 2, 2019

With mobile phones companies such as iPhone, Samsung and Google all recently bringing out new phones they all need protecting but at the same time you want them to look great.  Tech 21 creates cases that are thin, lightweight and using there FlexShock Technology that allow you to drop from 12 feet if you so wish. Here is a range of new cases available:

So with more and more people turning Vegan Tech21 has jumped on the bandwagon and brought out the Evo Luxe Faux case.  This case is vegan-friendly and comes in terracotta (Pink) colour for £39.95 and fits the iPhone 7 or 8.

Have an iPhone X no worries as we have the following Evo Wave the inspiration behind this case is nature and comes on two colours Pink & Blue. The cost of this case is £29.95

Tech21’s Evo Max range is perfect for those outdoorsy types and tech enthusiasts who need heavy duty protection whilst staying on trend! The Evo Max has a Lens Cover that protects the screen as there is an edge around the case to stop damage from a fall. These cases cost £39.95

Tech21’s Evo Wallet range is perfect for those in business who need a professional, stylish case with quick access to their contactless card when commuting around the city! This case also has the lens cover and also includes a holster if you still live in the ’90s and have your phone clipped to your belt next to your pager.

Tech21 x Liberty London exclusive range

We all know the iconic London store Liberty they have launched a range of iconic designs as well as all the design perks you expect with Tech 21 such as FlexShock Technology. The range costs from £49.95

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