Review: Urbanista Brisbane Portable Speaker

Stephen Watson
November 14, 2019

The Urbanista Brisbane is available for £99 via

Urbanista are a brand we here at What Mobile has only just started to get to know over the next few weeks we will be reviewing the whole range that this funky and cool Scandinavian audio company has to offer. At a recent event that Urbanista put on, we learnt that each product they have has been named after a major city.

The Brisbane speaker is their wireless speaker that sits at the top of there range. Design-wise this speaker is focused more on the sound then the design as the design is very simplistic and will not stand out when you place it on a shelf at home.

The speaker comes in two main colours black and white. In this review, I have the black version of the speaker. 

Carrying on the design talk of this speaker in the top of the speaker is where you have the main controls and these buttons appear as a raised rubber material.  The use of these buttons are for turning on the speaker, Bluetooth pairing and the normal Volume/track control buttons you come to expect on most Bluetooth speakers. You also get a LED indicator that shows the status of the speaker.

On the back of the speaker you will see a rubber cover and under that is the micro-USB port and AUX port if you wanted a wired connection.  Apart from that, the speaker is all speaker with the woofers on each side covered by the black material used to make this speaker look cool.

This Speaker also comes IPX5 rated meaning its water-resistant meaning its an ideal poolside speaker for when your chilling by the pool or having a pool party with some Will Smith pumping out if this speaker.

Moving on to the sound quality which for any speaker is the most important aspect and Urbanista does not disappoint. At the event that held we got a first-hand experience of the sound and how loud it can be.

I used this speaker recently when I was giving my car a polish and its loud with a nice balance between the bass and the higher treble frequencies and both work together wonderfully. The bass is deep without affecting the mids allowing them to be pronounced however they could improve in this area if they decided to make an upgrade in the future. This speaker plays in stereo mode and if you connect a second you get an even better true stereo separation. 

The  Brisbane speaker also allows you to take calls and when I tested this the speaker and it picked up my voice very clearly I only did this a handful of times but was very happy with how the speaker performed when taking calls.

The Speaker also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 that allows you to connect your phone and listen to music even without the phone nearby, in fact, it has a range of up to 10 meters. Also if you want to use it in a wired capacity you can use AUX input on the back of the speaker.

Moving onto the battery life this speaker you get up to 10 hours battery life thanks to 5,000mAh battery meaning you can have this speaker outside by the pool and with its water resistance you will be able to enjoy this speaker all day.  When you need to charge on the back of the speaker simply plug in the micro-USB charger and after 3 hours you will have fully charged the speaker.

Overall, Urbanista has created a premium speaker but not at a premium price at just £99 this speaker looks like it could fit in the £200 price mark. The speaker works with both IOS & Andriod and comes with IPX5 rating meaning it’s water-resistant making it a speaker that is ideal for being on the move and taking the speaker out with you for the day as the 10 hours of playtime means you won’t need to keep charging. Sound quality-wise its got a great bass and I highly recommend you buy two as that true stereo sound its a nice touch and will add to the overall audio experience.

The Urbanista Brisbane is available for £99 via

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