Review: Urbanista Sydney Portable Bluetooth speaker

Stephen Watson
November 19, 2019

The Urbanista Sydney Speaker £34.90 from  

Urbanista have launched a new range of speakers and earbuds and have named them after capital cities like the Urbanista Brisbane we have recently reviewed. In this review, we are covering the smaller Urbanista Sydney.  This Bluetooth speaker is exactly the same design as the Brisbane speaker but half the size but just because its smaller does not mean you give up on sound quality and after giving these a good test the bass gets a thumbs up from me as well. 

Design-wise this speaker in four colours olive green, pink, white & black and in this review, we have been given 2 of the olive green speakers due to the stereo sound when you connect them together. We will discuss this later in the review.   

The speaker is covered in the same fabric as the Brisbane speaker which gives in a nice look and something that would look good on display in my house. On top of the speaker is where you have the controls just like the Brisbane its got 4 simple buttons that appear with raised rubber material making the buttons. The buttons are the following:  Volume/track control, Bluetooth pairing button and the power button. You will also find in the middle when you power the speaker there is a LED indicator that shows the status of the speaker. 

On the back off the speaker just like its bigger brother, you have a rubber cover and lift that and you have the micro USB port for charging and aux for that 3.5mm cable you have laying about to create a wired connection if you wish.

On the base, you get two rubber feet to keep the speaker stable when the music is on. This speaker also has urbanista branding on either side of the speaker all adding together for some great overall build quality. This speaker comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and comes with 40mm drivers for that give you that very good sound quality.  The speaker is also IPX5 rated meaning its splash-proof. 

This speaker can also be connected to a second urbanista Sydney to create that stereo sound providing great sound all over the room while listening to your favourite tracks.  Pairing both speakers is very easy. Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is off and then hold the Bluetooth button on both speakers until both starts flashing red and white then you will hear a beep and its paired. 

The sound when using the speaker on its own it’s very good but when you pair both together you gain a more fulfilling sound quality with a very good deep bass adding to that enjoyment when listing to music. I have tried various different styles of music and the sound from these little speakers are well worth investing in. 

This speaker also gives you five hours of playtime I would have liked more but 5 hours will be fine when listening to music chilling out by the pool on your holiday.  It only takes 1.5 hours to charge so that was no time to get this great little speaker back up and running. You also get 30 days of standby time you will want to use this speaker all the time.

This speaker also allows you to take calls and the sound quality was very considering the size of the speaker and on top of this, you can also use your smart assistant via the speaker so you won’t even need your phone that close as you have a 10m Bluetooth range. 

Overall for a speaker that costs £34.90 I have paid twice that for one speaker and for a little extra you could buy two Sydney speakers and enjoy that stereo sound. You get a great sound and a nice base.  My only negative if I had to find one was the battery life I would have liked more then 5 hours playtime however when you only have a 600mAH lithium-ion battery your not going to get much more then that. My tip to Urbanista you get a fantastic travel speaker just give us more battery life.

However, If your looking for a speaker to pick up and pop in your bag this speaker is the perfect travel buddy whether you’re on holiday, having a picnic or just on the go. 

The Urbanista Sydney Speaker £34.90 from

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