Review: Mixcder HD901 Wireless Headphones

Stephen Watson
August 24, 2019

Available from Amazon @ £19.99

Mixcder is a US audio company we have only started to look into some of the range such as the E9 Headphones we reviewed recently. Now is the turn of the HD901 Wireless Headphones from Mixcder. Now unlike the E9’s (£73.91)  the HD901 are the cheapest Mixcder sell at £19.99 from Amazon.

For the cost they are ok did they blow me away I don’t think so. They come with a lot of the normal features you come to expect but these also come with a microSD card slot for those who want to store music like you used to make a mixtape in the ’90s. Its a nice touch but I have Tidal HiFi and can listen to music I have downloaded even when out of signal so is this feature really needed?  

Packaging of the HD901 makes me feel these are £20 headphones is a basic cardboard box and inside no case like you get with more expensive E9’s and inside the box, you get the normal micro USB cable and 3.5mm jack lead in order to create a wired connection.

Design-wise the headphones look very similar to their big brother the E9’s such as they are made of plastic with a foldable headband. I found this quite stiff when opening and closing and made me feel they might break. On the earcups, you are given a PVC coated memory foam which is surprisingly comfy and allowed for a long period of use. The earcups give you a 40mm driver and on the outside of the cups, you have that shine vinyl style patten.

The left side of the cup is where all the action is. Not only do you have the charge post, 3.5mm Jack for wired connection. But you also have this MicroSD card port.

In terms of controls, you have 3 buttons like you see on many headphones where you have that multi-function button that is used for the power, play/pause & button to answer a call. The volume buttons also double up as the track controls. The headphones are very light but they look and feel cheap.

Sound Quality for the HD901 headphones I feel you need to remove expectations and consider the fact your only paying £20 per pair. If you listen to something with a strong bass like some Aerosmith for example. The HD901 do have a strong deep bass but listen to over bass-heavy music and these headphones come up a little short the bass becomes unbalanced. Now I like to listen to a few podcasts like the wrestle ramble and using these headphones was not enjoying the sound it felt muffled and a little echo. 

Overall, considering I previously reviewed the E9’s from Mixcder I was quite disappointed by the HD901’s. I felt they looked cheap and the sound quality is ok in if your listening to bass-heavy music then you might be happy but personally I found these a disappointment. Yes, they have a foldable design and have that MicroSD slot. My view is to save up a bit more and go buy something better.

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