Review: Loewe Klang M1- Portable Bluetooth speaker

Stephen Watson
December 10, 2018

Available from Amazon for £169

So we have reviewed quite a few wireless speakers and in this review now is the turn of the Loewe Klang M1. Loewe is a high-end German manufacturer that is known for the quality AV products have entered the Bluetooth Speaker and this speaker is simply a class above.

The Speaker comes in a choice of 3 colours Rose Gold, Silver & Graphite Grey which is what we had for the review and the speaker costs only £169 and also comes with a leather strap.

This speaker comes with some impressive sound features as its comprised of two treble/mid-range units that also come with passive mid-bass membranes. If you buy two M1’s that can be paired for stereo effect.

Design wise it just screams class made from stainless steel and not any visible screws and smooth bevelled edges that show of a minimalistic style. On the top, you get 4 buttons which are the Play/Pause, volume decrease and volume increase and last but not least the power button.   

Sound wise this is a real pleasure to use with great bass and such a rich and clear sound you will enjoy music for hours. It also has a quality microphone built it so taking and receiving calls was also very clear.  

What makes this speaker even better is the 12 hours of music playback form just two hours of charge. You will also notice on the top of the speaker next to the power button you get a 5 little LED lights that on turning on the power will show the battery level in green lights when the power button is pressed or when the volume controls are pressed.  My only negative is if I want to change track I have to use my headset.

To get a full battery of charge it takes 2 hours to get a full battery then you have 12 hours of playback. So overall it’s got a fantastic design and quality sound profile and for £169 it’s well worth buying.  

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