Review:  Monster Superstar S200 Bluetooth speaker

Stephen Watson
December 11, 2018

Recently we reviewed the S100 speaker and this time we get a chance to review its bigger brother the S200 Bluetooth speaker.


Monster has done it again they have created a speaker that can really pack a punch in regards the sound and keeping the size of the speaker manageable to carry out making this the perfect outdoor speaker.

On appearance the main difference apart from the size of the speaker being bigger than the S100. The S200 has a number of buttons on the control side which can be found on the right-hand hand size. On the controls, you have the power button on the bottom with the volume/track control on either side just above the power button and to top it all off at the top your find the pairing button/ pause.

The set up of this speaker is very simple when you turn it on for the first time you need to pair to your device. Make sure the Bluetooth on your device is on and when you hold the pair button for about 3 secs your hear a voice say “Discovering” you will see it appear on your pairing screen on the phone’s settings click connect and bingo it’s connected. Then anytime you turn the speaker on it will automatically connect to the device using the built-in NFC technology.  A cleaver additional extra that the S100 also has is if the speaker is not active for 10 min it will simply switch off saving the battery.

Design wise its identical to the S100 the only change being the control buttons now appear on the side making using this so much quicker than the S100. The design is built to handle the odd bump with its durable construction.  The speaker is also Waterproof and splash resistant.

The speaker has 3 drivers that deliver quality sound that is bass heavy but also provides lovely mids and highs.  Now the highs can get a little tiny when the volume is at max level but for the normal listener, they won’t be able to tell for us audio fans you will notice it a little. So overall quality sound from a tiny speaker is excellent.  Take the speaker outside and the same great sound is given what makes the speaker great is it can be put on the put on its side and the sound is quality. Battery wise this speaker stores 15 hours of continuous playtime and can be charged from flat within 2 hours.

So overall, you have a speaker that can be used inside and out and with the carry strap you can table it with you travelling or simply hang the speaker up. The speaker got a durable design and with 15 hours playtime, this speaker has it all.  The bonus from the S100 we now have with the S200 is better sound and a proper control panel and last but not least NFC technology for connecting the speaker. At £66.09 on Amazon, this is a perfect deal for a fantastic speaker.

Speaker Features
  • Wired Connection: Auxiliary 3.5mm jack
  • Wireless Connection: Bluetooth®
  • Wireless Range: 10m (3.3’)
  • Battery: Rechargeable (USB)
  • Battery Life: Up to 15 hours
  • Water Resistant: Yes (Splash-Proof rated IPX7)

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