Review: Blitzwolf BW-BS10 Selfie Stick

Stephen Watson
August 27, 2019

Blitzwolf BW-BS10 Selfie Stick – £19.99 from Amazon – Use the code: NFENN832 and get 25% off and buy for £14.99 for 48 hours only!

Blitzwolf is a US brand that we have only recently started reviewing products from them and we been lucky to receive the BW-BS10 Selfie Stick which comes with a mini remote.  

When this selfie stick arrived I will be honest first impressions I was not impressed. The packaging is very basic it’s a white & Green box if anything I thought it was the printer. Once out of the box it is black and red in design and has that lightsaber style to it. You get a black removable mini remote that once connected by Bluetooth.

Also in the packaging you also Warranty card, User guide and Micro USB cable. 

Design-wise this selfie stick looks great everything is compact in design which I think is really nice when you want to pack the stick away and take on the move. The Selfie Stick is very lightweight at only 171grams and made of aluminium allow. The selfie stick can extend up to 82.5 cm which means you can get more scenery in your shots. What I like about this selfie stick is once retracted when you go and put it all back simply push the top and the tripod part springs back into shape.

The Clip you put your phone on also allows you to rotate which means you can take vertical or horizontal shots or video. What Blitzwolf have done very well with is the tripod part which when retractable the tripod can hold 15kg meaning its suitable for most smartphones. 

Once set up in tripod mode you also have the rechargeable remote and that lets you move away and take pictures. The remove is connected via Bluetooth 3.0 and also allows 24-hour usage or 20,000+ images and can be used 10 meters way. 

So overall for taking this selfie stick on holiday and overall for less then £20 its a great selfie stick that can hold most phones and with the added removable remote its the ideal selfie stick for taking great videos and pictures and the rotatable phone clip means you take pictures in a number of positions and looks great.

Blitzwolf BW-BS10 Selfie Stick – £19.99 from Amazon

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