Review: 1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Stephen Watson
May 20, 2019

Available from Tekzone at Selfridges for £89.99

The latest release from 1More is the Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones and on first impressions, this budget pair in true wireless really does tick the boxes.  Having a great pair of wireless earbuds or even headphones are becoming more and more important since most new phones such as the latest iPhone or Samsung handset the 3.5 mm audio port is becoming a thing of the past. 1More has come into the mix and offered a budget alternative to the Apple Airpods in the shape of what we are reviewing here.

The 1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear headphones cost £89.99 and compared the Samsung Galaxy earbuds are £130. The 1More are in the budget range but do they perform like budget earbuds or are they performing outside of there price range.

The design of the earbuds are they light and comfortable and come in four different colours Black, Pink, Gold, Green. They come in the cool looking packaging with designs of the headphones we come to expect from 1More and in the packaging, you get the Earbuds, Charge case, Branded Bag, instructions, 3 different size eartips (XS, S, L) and extra O-Hooks ( S & L sizes) and micro USB charge cable.

The headphones are equipped with single 7mm dynamic driver in each earbud and both earbuds have 55mAh battery and built-in microphone for calls and voice assistants like Google assistant. The headphones also benefit from Qualcomm APX audio technology and a Bluetooth 5.0 which allows for a wireless range of 10 meters.  

The stylish True wireless also comes with a charging case in a matt black style with the 1More logo printed on the front of the charging case. The earbuds have 6.5-hour playback and the case gives you 3 full charges allowing 24 hours of charge.  The inside of both earbuds are magnetic connectors which are great for keeping the bud in the charger so they do not fall out even if the case opens in your bag but with the design of the case I feel that is very unlikely. When you place the buds in the charger you know they are on charge as each bud has a small LED glowing red when on a charge. The charging case also supports fast charge as if you plug the case with the buds inside after 15 minutes you will get 3 full hours of playback.

The fit of these true wireless headphones was a really good fit and did not fall out once due to the ergonomic design ( angle shaped buds)  and the ear hooks mean for the entire time I used them which has been for the last month regular they never fell out which added to the comfort and great fit. Connecting the earbuds is very simple to take them out of the case and they will instantly try to pair and just pair as you would normally and that it whenever you use them the will connect instantly.

On both earphones are you also have a multipurpose button such as press it once you can play/pause or answer or hang up a call. Don’t want to take the call its a long hold of the button. What to chance track just a double click and you change track. When you pause the music a double click will turn on the voice assistant on your phone.

In terms of performance as mentioned before these headphones support Bluetooth 5.0 via a Qualcomm aptX audio technology helps make sure the connectivity is perfect which allows for a premium audio quality. I can say having tested them for the least i have not had one connection issue so that is hats off to 1More for getting the development of the connection spot on.

The real USB of these headphones are that like most earbuds you have one that is the master and one that is the slave in terms of connectivity. 1More has designed them so if you were to lose one of the buds the other one turns into the master and this goes for if one of the buds run out of battery the other turns into the master while the slave on charge. 1More has made this an automatic switch as the bud with the most power becomes the master. It does not 100% solve the fact you might have lost a bud but its a very good feature that 1More have included to allow you to still listen to your music while a replacement bud is received or its charged up.

The sound quality of the 1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones gives a pleasant bass with a nice punch when required. I only found the sound a little muddy when I was listening to some heavy rock to test these but the volume was high (Rock out time). When listening to these normally I have used them for my daily commute and even on a long journey to visit a client I never got any listening fatigue just warmth sounds and a pleasant bass. Make sure you pick the right pair of ear tips as that aids the sound as it creates some isolation and also helps keep the buds in your ears to aid the overall sound quality.     

Overall, The 1More Stylish True wireless headphones are yet another top draw product from 1More a brand that has yet produced a product we do not like. These True wireless headphones well rounded audio quality with a really well designed Bluetooth connectivity that I never once had a cut-out.

They come with a case that doubles up as a charger and once you place buds in the case they automatically turn off and charge and then once you take them out they automatically turn on and connect without having to do anything. The main benefit of the case is 15 minutes charge provides 3 hours of playback. Sound wise they are quality and the real star of this product is the Master & Slave connection and the fact you can simply use the master without the slave means even if you use a bud or it runs out of power you can still use a bud and continue your music pleasure.

My only negatives are the buds don’t turn the music off when they are taken out of year ears until they go in the charging case. I was also disappointed that they are not waterproof or water resistant.

Apart from these negatives at £89.99, these budget true wireless headphones are well worth the money as you have a real alternative to apple airpods.

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