Review: 1More Dual Driver BT ANC Headphones

Stephen Watson
February 22, 2019

Available from Amazon for £129.99

1More is a brand that in the last year have impressed us over and over again and this time is no different. The latest product we have been lucky to get our hands on is the Dual Driver BT ANC Headphones.  


The 1More Dual Driver BT ANC Headphones are reasonably priced £129.99 via Amazon which is great value for a pair of Wireless ANC Headphones.  Presentation wise the box comes in the usual classy as we have come to expect with the design of the headphones printed on the inside of the box.


The headphones themselves look very similar to the 1more Triple Driver BT In-Ear Headphones. In terms, they are both being of a neckband design and both have the earbuds connected by a cable to the neckband and that is really the main similarity.


The neckband is a silicone band that sits on your neck and I have to say is very comfortable you will forget its on half the time. At either end, you find aluminium finish on the right side being a smooth finish and the 1More logo on the side.  It’s the Left-hand side is where the magic happens this holds all the controls.


The Left side has a circular play/Pause button and the Volume control. On the side, you have the ANC & Voice enhancement switch and last but not least the power/pairing button.  Look at the end of that side of the band you also find the USB-C port that is covered to make it look good open the cover and charge or turn it into a wired connection. However, they have to be powered to use the wired connection so seems a little pointless in my view.

You get seven hours of playback and if your running low 1more offers us a fast charge from 10 minutes quick charge.  Storage wise when you’re not using them you get a bag to store them in and the earbuds are magnetic meaning storing the headphones a little safer.

You also get 4 different size earbuds and also 3 pairs of ear secure holders which helps the user get the best fit.

Now in terms of these headphones what makes them a little special is the ANC/ Voice enhancement switch. The ANC microphones listen out for outside noise and the technology counteracts the noise so you don’t hear it. The ANC is not bad for headphones of this price range. The other development is the voice enhancement switch which does give the sound a boost what it does is allow you the chance to hear announcements at a station or airport and also allows you to hear your soundings which is not bad when you’re on the move but still want a good sound of music.

As for what is behind the buds you get a dual-driver which allows for a nice balanced sound that is the same no matter what range of music you play. However, the bass just did not cut it for I really found it lacking any real punch when listening hard bass tracks in the R&B/Rap music. Now although the bass needs improving you do get a crystal clean vocal sound.

What makes you want to buy these is the midrange it’s clean and the upper- mids really does shine and made me happy. The treble is bright and open and if you increase the sound is nice and sharp.  

Now we have reviewed many ANC headphones and the 1more is not the best we have tested but it did cut out most outside sounds when listening to your music. What I did find to be positive is when you turn on or off the ANC the quality of the music was not majorly affected like other models we have tested.

Overall, for £129 these are worth a shot they are nice in design as 1More have perfected and the sound is balanced even if the bass needs a bit of work. What I like about 1More is the pair instantly and with the ANC/ Voice enhancement switch that is a nice feature. The ANC is effective it’s not the best we ever heard but for the price range it sits it’s still effective enough and allows you to enjoy your music.

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