Review: D-Link DCS 2670L – HD 180 degree Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera

Stephen Watson
February 19, 2019

The D-Link DCS 2670L is available from Amazon for £128.99

The D-Link DCS 2670L is the second security camera we have reviewed after the D-Link DCS 2802KT (Insert Link) we had high hopes for the DCS 2670L until we used the software.

This camera on paper provides real hope that it could be a winner like the last camera we reviewed as it got the following benefits:

  • 1080P Full HD Quality Video
  • Day & Night vision
  • MicroSD Slot
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Remote Access
  • Adjustable Angle  


Now as mentioned this camera provides us with some great features and considering it’s for outside use the IP65 rating protects the camera against dust and is water resistant.  What also makes the design of this is it has a 180-degree wide angle lens meaning it captures anything in front of its vision. It also is very useful when in night mood due to the infrared LED that allows you to view up to 10 meters providing good vision.  

You will also find on the camera it has 2 cables coming from it one is the power and the other is the ethernet cable. Both camera cables are weather resistant which is great for an outside camera.

In terms of recording, you will need a MicroSD card which cost about the £20 mark depending on the make you buy. This is used to record any short blasts of activity. With the use of a MicroSD card, D-Link says this can store up to 235 hours of video.

Now like most camera like this you are required to download the software to allow you to view the footage on your mobile phone, Here is the downfall the software is shocking.  At first look you think to yourself this will be a walk in the park as you are requested to download the mydlink Lite App which is available on either Apple or Android phones. They even provide a QR Code that should allow you to connect the camera to your Wifi Network. I then experienced a number of issues such as the camera not connecting to the Wifi or even telling me it would not recognize the pin which was odd as it’s on the QR code card you scan as soon as you download the app and the card comes with the camera.  After some troubleshooting (Thanks Google) We got it working.

The app lets you view in real time but you do get a short 2-second delay but its not a major deal. If you were to store some footage or take images it would store directly to your smartphone and not the microSD Card which helps keep the space of the card.

As mentioned if motion or sound is detected that will start a short video of about 6 seconds at a time allowing you to see if something bad is happening and capture it on film. The Camera as mentioned allows up to 235 hours so you will never miss anything happening.  If you like short burst recordings of 6 seconds this camera for you. If you want a camera for continuous recording I would look at other options.

Please note you need to increase the motion detection as the standard 30% level will not do.

Going back to the mydlink Lite App another issue is the app itself forget about as they happen notifications. I tested this and asked a family member to trigger the motion detection but unfortunately, it was either up to 30 min late or sometimes not at all. This makes having a security camera that can alert you for sound and motion pointless if you ask to be as getting a notification on the spot compared to a late notification might prevent your property from being broken into.  

You can even view the camera on a PC or Mac but the D-Link web portal is that bad your better off just downloading the app simply known as Mydlink which supports this camera as well as the D-Link DCS 2802KT camera kit I have previously reviewed.

Overall, The design of the camera is really promising with the likes of Night Vision, The Adjustable Angle of the camera, The fact it’s IP65 rated and the High-quality HD Video all make this camera look great on paper however, It’s the very poor mydlink Lite app that really lets the camera down and would make you consider other options.

Fingers crossed DLink improve the software as they have a good outdoor camera but the app needs improving for this camera to get a better review.

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