T-Mobile’s HTC Hero: G1 Touch or G2 Touch?

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July 14, 2009

It seems that the recently announced HTC Hero, which T-Mobile was calling the G1 Touch may now be called the G2 Touch.

One must presume that this is because T-Mobile feared that keeping the ‘G1’ would make customers assume it was the original G1. After all, G1 ‘Touch’ might simply be a way of referring to the touchscreen – which the original Android phone also had.

Or, it could be that there has been another rumoured Android handset on the horizon from T-Mobile, produced by the company behind nearly every mobile broadband dongle, Huawei. Is that going to be the G1 Touch?

Perhaps T-Mobile is just totally confused, which is why its own Twitter feed has been calling it G1 Touch one minute and G2 Touch the next.

We’re unable to get a firm answer, but once we find out – we’ll let you know here or on our forum in the official HTC Hero thread.

However, whatever it’s called, we are still thinking it is going to be one of the most exciting new handsets to go on sale this year – alongside the iPhone 3G S and Palm’s Pre.


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