Samsung Genio Qwerty Review

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June 7, 2010

Samsung’s range of Genio handsets are highly affordable and have become hugely popular. Backed by a massive advertising campaign from the Korean manufacturer, it really does go to show that a huge marketing budget can result in increased sales.

But is the Samsung Genio QWERTY really worth splashing your cash on?

The first thing you’ll notice about the Genio QWERTY is that its design is built upon that of a BlackBerry. With the full keyboard below the screen, the handset should be perfect for texters and social networkers.

The keys are not angled as they are on the Blackberry Bold 9700, or its more affordable Curve 8520, and this does slow down texting considerably as the fingers slip and slide across the rows.

In addition to the letter keys, there are also shortcut buttons to music and messaging – two additions that make accessing your most used functions much quicker.

Above the keyboard is a rather sub-standard 2.2-inch screen. It doesn’t radiate the brightness and crispness of rival devices, and this is mostly down to the very low 220×176 pixel resolution.

The Genio QWERTY is very much aimed at social networkers rather than hardcore business users. There’s a Social Life feature that allows you to access mobile versions of FaceBook, Twitter, Bebo and MySpace. It’s a shame they aren’t standalone apps, but just shortcuts to the mobile sites.

When it comes to composing text messages, you’re given the option of either choosing a single contact or a whole group – another useful social networking aspect.

In terms of music abilities, the Samsung Genio QWERTY features a simple music player, with a loud speaker that certainly packs a punch considering its size. There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack – something even mid to high-range devices are often missing.

Considering the camera is a lowly 2-megapixels, with no flash, it takes photos that are good enough to use as a wallpaper or show on-screen to friends, even if they would fail the print test. Bright lights are the camera’s downfall, often making those taken in well-lit conditions come out rather misty.

The Samsung Genio QWERTY is a good choice for those who require a full QWERTY keyboard. It’s a better option than a virtual keyboard on a budget touchscreen handset, although the small screen makes it a little tricky for viewing content-rich web pages and video.



The Genio QWERTY is a perfect solution for social networkers on a budget. The keyboard is useful for serial texters and although it’s not as comfortable to use as a BlackBerry, it’s a better option than the virtual keyboard on the Genio Touch. The screen is a little small for browsing web pages without getting eye strain, but it isn’t a phone designed to substitute a smartphone in functionality or performance. The Genio QWERTY is a decent all-rounder for those looking for a fun device on a budget, with an easy-to-use UI and basic multimedia features.








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