Review: Tranya B530 True Wireless Earbuds

Stephen Watson
April 28, 2020

The Tranya B530 true wireless earphones – £55.37 from Amazon – 30% off code: UK30B530– Till 31st May 2020

Tranya are brand that made contact with us here at What Mobile and asked us to review the latest model the B530 true wireless earbuds. These buds cost £55.37 via Amazon. So let’s see how these budget earbuds perform and if they are worth buying?

When these arrived my first impression was they looked great especially the bud design that looks like a car wheel.

Other key features of these buds include:

  • Touch control
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • CVC 8.0 noise cancellation 
  • Very long battery life
  • IPX5 rated 
  • Nano-ti Diaphragm

Inside the box, you are given the user guide plus 2 pairs of ear tips (small & Large) plus a micro USB charge cable. The buds are kept in a charging case that has a plastic top and a rubberised base.

The case fits in your pocket with ease. You will notice on the case you have 4 LED lights which indicate 25% of the battery stored in the case. The total charge life in the case is 64 hours with the buds holding up to 8 hours of continuous playtime before you need to put them back in the case. The LED’s on the case show you how much charge you have remaining. You will notice inside the case they have magnets in the case that hold the buds in very securely when not in use. These buds are also IPX5 rated meaning the buds could handle a sustained low-pressure water jet spray so getting caught in the rain or wearing these in the gym will be just fine. I have been using the buds on my regular bike ride and they have been fine and fit really good and have even pasted the shake test.   

When using the buds you will notice they are touch control which is a nice touch but you will need to take a bit of time to learn how to use them. The controls are the following:  

  • 1x Tap – Play/Pause
  • 2-second hold on the right bud – Next track
  • 2-second hold on the left bud – previous track
  • Double-tap on the right bud – Increase volume
  • Double-tap on the left bud – decrease volume
  • Tap once on either bud – answer or end a call
  • Press and hold for 2 seconds- reject a call
  • Triple tap either bud for voice assistant.

So let’s see how these sound? 

Like most true wireless buds we have tested you will need to pair these with your phone just once as after that any other time them will just automatically pair. 

Sound-wise these buds provide a passive noise cancellation mainly due to the fact you have CVC 8.0 which suppresses background noises and brings enhanced audio. This is vital when using these to make a call you might not notice much of a difference but the person at the other end will notice a crystal clear sound of your voice. This is done as the CVC reduces 15-20db noises out to provide better sound quality. 

When listening to music you get an overall balanced sound but the bass is not as strong as you might like but they are in the budget end of the market. The sound quality is decent when either using them in mono or stereo settings. The sound quality is very clear and this is due to the fact they are aptX compatible meaning they enhance even the smallest of details in any track your listening to without any glitches.

When watching a film or series currently as the UK is in lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. When watching After Life on Netflix the voices where super clear and you had no lag latency and was overall a balanced listening experience.

If I had to look for some negatives for the Tranya B530 I would have to say the touch controls do take some getting used to. I have found myself turning on Siri instead of turning the volume up. You will also notice if you took the buds out of your ears you do not get the autoplay/pause when you take the buds out but they will stop the music as soon as your place them back in the charger. Another negative is both buds are masters meaning I was unable to use one bud at a time if I wanted to. 

Overall these buds for the cost are well worth the money they are not perfect but for under £100 they do a great job. I really like the battery life of these buds and the fact they provide quality calls or audio experience do to CVC 8.0 or aptX compatibility respectfully. If you are looking for an everyday pair of earbuds that are suitable for the gym as well as the trip to work. You can not go wrong with these buds in the budget sector of the market for £55 these are a great purchase.

Overall ratings:

  • Design- 4 Stars
  • Features- 5 stars
  • Audio Quality- 4 Stars
  • Value for Money- 5 Stars

Overall- 4.5 stars

The Tranya B530 true wireless earphones – £55.37 from Amazon – 30% off code: UK30B530 – Till 31st May 2020

There is also a lighting deal from 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm BST and the price will be £39.99 – This is a limited time offer via


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