Review: Rock Jaw Audio presents the T5 Ultra Connect Earphones

Stephen Watson
June 22, 2019

The T5 Ultra Connect Earphones available from Rock Jaw Audio @ £74.95

Here at What Mobile, we are lucky to review products from a number of different companies and this time around its a new company to us Rock Jaw Audio who are a UK based audio company that started in 2012. They have sent us there latest creation the T5 Ultra Connect Earphones so let’s check it out.

The T5 Ultra earphones cost £74.95 they full into the budget earphone range. On first impressions, they remind me a little of the Skullcandy Ink’d in terms of the controls but that is where the similarities end. The T5’s are the upgrade for someone who still uses the Apple earphones we all have and the T5’s give an improvement in sound.

The T5 ultra connect provide fantastic packaging similar to what you get with 1More headphones.

In the packaging, you get 3 tuning filters ( Comply Foam (S/M/L) / Silicone (S/M/L) that you can use to help with your listening experience as they offer enhanced bass, balanced & Treble bias.  You also get the following in the packaging a USB-C charging cable, Travel bag for the earphones and user guide.

Design wise The T5’s earphones are connected by a standard looking rubble cable and have two housings one that has the battery chamber and the other is the remote control that has the 3 buttons with the symbols (+,O,-) the plus and minus is for the volume and track control and the centre button is for the play/pause and taking phone calls.

The T5’s are smart looking earphones and designed with a gun-metal finish and are magnetic meaning you can connect the earbuds when not in use around your neck meaning they won’t fall off. Other features include Bluetooth 5.0 that offer better range and connectivity and support both aptX & AAC codecs which provides better audio quality for these who use IOS or Android.

I have been using these with the enhanced bass filter over the last few weeks and sound wise I was impressed when listening to Alice Merton- No Roots for example. The T5’s give you well-controlled bass and an overall nice sound profile that is detailed without the risk of fatiguing as well as never letting the sound feel flat.  Battery wise you get a solid 11 hours which is decent for the cost of these headphones and they have a energy saving standby mode if you forget to turn them off. Another feature to the earphones are they are IPX5 rated meaning they are water resistant.

Overall,  I like the fact you are given a number of ear tips that means they will have a fit for all and the memory foam tips create passive noise isolation. I also like the tuning filters which means you can change the enhancement from Bass to Balanced or Treble filters and if these are your first upgrade from the standard Apple earphones you will love these.

If I had to find a few negatives I would say I would prefer them to be waterproof over water resistant but that me just being picky. I would also like a little more cable as I felt they were a little short and made the controls weigh a little but its not a deal breaker. So at £74.95 you get a long battery life and a great sound so you should consider these for your next purchase if you’re looking to make the step up from the factory earphones we all have laying around plus with the fact more and more smartphones are pulling away from the headphone jack these are a great buy.

The T5 Ultra Connect Earphones available from Rock Jaw Audio £74.95

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