Review: Rock Jaw Audio Alfa Genus V2

Stephen Watson
October 1, 2019

Available from for £29.95

Rock Jaw Audio is a UK brand we have only recently started working and the last product we reviewed from them was the T5 Ultra Connect Earphones.

In this review, we have tested the Alfa Genus V2 that costs  £29.95 via Amazon. Design-wise the Alfa Genus V2’s are as you expect they are made of metal and not aluminium as you might expect. However just because they are made of metal they are not heavy in fact they are very lightweight. The finish of these headphones are a nice mixture of grey and silver with redbuds and the silicone tips to finish the look on these wired earphones. The cable is thick rubber material and does look quite durable. What did annoy me a little was the fact the cable does get a little tangled at times but you do get given a fabric bag to keep these safe when not in use and if you put them away correctly you will avoid any tangles. (

It’s the accessories that really make you question the price it’s stacked. You get 3 pairs of silicone tips, two pairs of memory foam tips and a double-flanged pair of tips.

Coming back to the earphones and I have noticed you don’t have any controls for volume or track control would have been a welcome addition but you can purchase a version of these headphones for £34.95 that comes with an in-line mic and a control that allows you to take calls and also play and pause your music. Unfortunately, in this review, it was not the type I had to review.   

Moving on to the audio quality Rock Jaw audio also give you 3 pairs tuning filters a black pair and a gold pair and a bronze pair already installed. If you want to use the others these they can be screwed in a very easy manner. I personally prefer the gold version that are neutral and they sound the best. Rock Jaw Audio mention you should use these for upwards of 20 hours in order to start the running-in process and I have done that and listen to a variety of different styles of music and what I have noticed is these have plenty of bass along with a decent sounding mids which was rich considering the cost and this is done with the 8mm drivers that product that quality sound. 

So overall, if your budget is under £50 then Rock Jaw gives you a really solid choice as you get a bundle of accessories as well as different options of tuning tips that add to the experience. They are very comfortable however with more phones like the new iPhone not having that earphone port any more although you purchase an adaptor I just feel you might look towards a wireless audio product over these. 

However, for those who want wired headphones and I have recently noticed on the train there are still a lot of people using wired headphones these are worth considering if you have a budget under £50. 

Available from for £29.95

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