Review: Plantronics Rig 300 HX – Gaming Headphones

Stephen Watson
November 22, 2018

 Plantronics Rig 300 HX for Xbox One – Available from for £34.99

We have reviewed a few different pairs of headphones from the brand Plantronics and have been overall impressed with what we have seen. Up next is a pair of gaming headphones called the Rig 300 HX compatible with XBOX ONE.

I first saw these at an event where they were being shown to press what took my attention there was the marketing team where bending these in ways that a lot of other headphones would have snapped but not this pair. This is why I had to get my hands on them as having 2 sons who live on the XBOX and play online gaming with mates. They were perfect to test these for me.

So the Rig 300 HX is a pair of gaming headphone for the XBox One and come in at £34.99 so they are for more of a gamer that is now only starting to use gaming headphones or for those who want a quality low budget pair of gaming headphones. I let my sons loose on these giving them a good testing they really did a great job and my sons, in fact, won’t put them down.

They love the design and the feel and the main selling point so am told is the vented earcups they were a real bonus.  I asked my sons on performance, design and overall use what they thought and these got a strong 10. My youngest son who the bigger gamer said yes there are better on the market but these come with a big price tag but at £34.99 these are a bargain.

So I wanted to take a further look into what makes these tick. The design of these are what made me double look at the event they look great as you can see in the image below.

The headphones are made of a well am not quite sure of the material lets call it super plastic and you can bend the shape of the headphone frame into at least 100 different shapes put it this way my sons are not breaking these in a hurry.  What more the ear cups have 3 different positions for better comfort.

One the comfort point both the earcup and material used to cushion your head was great considering what you have just paid for gaming headphones like these, As mentioned as well as the frame being impossible to break also very lightweight so good for long-term use.


The performance is also aided by soundguard technology that protects from audio spikes as limits the max sound given to 118 dBA (dBA – Means A Weighted Decibel) So for my two sons protecting their ears is very important or any gamer for that matter. The Earcups themselves have 40mm Drivers to allow an immersive audio experience I got a chance to test this our and when you’re playing a game like Call of Duty the sound is simply amazing I must say it ad excellent sound quality.


You also get a noise cancellation mic made in-game conversation perfect as it cut out any noise you might expect from the outside world and you simply heard his voice. To test this he was using the Rig 300 HX and I had another branded pair and him telling me I was going to die was coming out perfect in the game lol.  


A nice feature for these where if you did not want the mic on for any reason you could mute it. This is nice if you don’t want to have other gamers hearing your conversations outside the game. This is found on the inline volume control which is also a great feature as some other brands you have to control via the console.

So overall I don’t have a bad word about these they have a great design any time I go in a shop with my sons and come out with any change of £50 brings me Joy.  The main features such as the Soundguard Technology, cable volume controls and the mic mute option give you a lot of bang for your buck. So if your a gamer but with a budget get these you will be pleased as punch when you get home.

Well Done Plantronics on the design of a great low range pair of gamer headphones and with Christmas coming mum and dad consider these!

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