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August 6, 2020

House of Marley Smile Jamaica Wireless 2 earphones – available from the House of Marley website or Amazon for £29.99

House of Marley is a brand that focuses on products that are good for the planet and try to use reusable material. It’s no different with its latest creation the Smile Jamaica Wireless 2. 

So for these who love a little rum and Bob Marley, you might recognise where they got the name from. Yes, you would be correct in thinking it’s after one of the best concerts linked to Bob Marley. So the name is somewhat a tribute to Bob and the show. 

The Smile Jamaica wireless 2 wireless headphones are made of FSC certified wood and aluminium which are both reusable materials. These headphones cost £29.99 and come in 3 main colours – Black, Copper & Rasta print.

In this review, we were sent the copper version even though when I got them out of the packaging I would say the colour is more of a peach.

 Also in the packaging which is recyclable by the way is the USB-C charge cable in that rasta print and also a spare pair of tips. You also have the quick start guide, warranty and some marketing from House of Marley.


These headphones come with a long cord that is 57cm long from one earphone to the other meaning you should have just the right amount of cable that will run around your neck. The cable is made from recycled braided fabric to keep them safe and looking smart and also good for the environment.   

 On the left-hand side of the buds the cable runs into a 3 button remote with a built-in microphone that appears on the front of the controls as a pin-sized hole which when you are wearing the headphones will sit at face level making taking calls to be a little easier as the mic will be next to your mouth. However,  the remote is very noticeable some could say even a little bulky especially if you used these for a run and the remote keeps tapping your face. If you have bought these for just the commute to work this factor won’t be much of a problem.  Design-wise the controls are a rubberized material which is ideal as they are clearly durable. The 3 Buttons have raised embossed symbols.  The centre part of the remote is curved allowing you to distinguish between all 3 buttons. Allowing you to play & Pause with ease. The controls are the following: 

  • Symbol = Increase Volume or a 2-second hold skips track

      _   Symbol = Decrease Volume or a 2-second hold goes back a track

House of Marley logo=  Play/Pause, On/Off, Call answering and to finish a call, Also smart assistant via your phone with a 2-second hold.

On the back of the remote is a little flap that when pops up showed the input charge which is USB-C which you can get a full charge in 2.5 hours. I like the fact that you can hide the charge port when not in use as this keeps it safe as well as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Just above the protective flap is the word Marley which is just some branding as you will also notice some logos on the wooden section of the bud. 

Battery wise you are given 9 hours on a full charge but that can be less if you have the buds on a higher volume for long periods of time. You can also use the fast charge support which means you get 2 hours of playtime from 15 minutes of charge. 


The earbuds have been designed in a bullet-style design that has a shell made of FSC certified wood and recycled aluminium nozzle necks that have a copper look finish. They fit nicely in the ear but if you’re not used to this style of bud you will notice the controls on the left side may weigh down a little.

Sound-wise you get a 9.2mm driver in the ear which the sound is actually quite rich and comes with very deep bass.

I very much enjoyed listening to my normal go-to tracks for a review but when you pump up the volume the quality starts to get affected but these buds cost under £30 so keep your expectations quite low and you won’t get disappointed.  I was a little disappointed to notice you get no aptX support which does create a slight lag when am watching a video on Youtube. When listening to music on Spotify that lag disappears. 

So overall if you are looking for a cheap pair of earphones that are made from renewable materials that help save the planet and are IPX4 rated meaning it can handle the odd splash and won’t be affected from your sweet in the gym these are a great buy. 

You get decent sound quality even if the lag happens when you watch videos online but as mentioned for £29.99 I don’t think anyone will be overly bothered with that issue considering the type of consumer who would buy these. 

Product ratings: 

  • Design –  4 /5
  • Features –  3/ 5
  • Audio Performance – 3 /5
  • Value for Money – 5 / 5

Overall Rating – 3.75 Stars

House of Marley Smile Jamaica Wireless 2 earphones – available from the House of Marley website or Amazon for £29.99

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