Review: Baseus 65W Quick Charger

Saf Malik
June 3, 2021

Quick charger compatible with various devices 4/5

The Baseus quick charging plus provide a charging station for up to three devices.

It charges all three devices simultaneously and charges an iPhone 12 or 12 Pro to 50 per cent in just 25 minutes which is three times faster than an original 5W charger.

The 65W charging capabilities also fully charge a MacBook Pro in just two hours.

I found that the quick charger worked very well for my iPhone XR and charged it significantly quicker than my usual cable.

The item weighs just 5.53 ounces making it portable when you’re on the move.

The only criticism I have of the plug is that it gets slightly too hot if plugged into a socket for too long. This was quite unnerving but I’m sure it isn’t a massive concern.

The fact that the plug is compatible with various devices makes it a valuable addition to any home working setup.

The Baseus 65W Quick Charger is available from Amazon.

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