Review: August Smart Health Wristband SWB200B

Stephen Watson
December 3, 2018

This is the second product we have come to review from the brand August this time around we are testing the Smart Health Wristband.  Now the packaging looks nicely presented and what you get when you open the box is 3 things – A user Manual, charger cable and the wristband.

On the front of the box and in the manual it lets you know the main features such as :

  • Track your Steps
  • Heart Rate
  • Oxygen in blood level
  • Distance travelled
  • Sleep monitor

You will also notice the battery claims battery life of 30 days. So in terms of what it can do its not a bad health monitor that sits in the £30 price mark.  

Now to use this smartwatch you need to download the August Pulse app which can be found by the normal methods or by scanning the QR Code. This app is needed as you can only connect the wristband by Bluetooth via the app and not in your settings.

I hated this app as I found the design poor and the watch would lose connection a lot. Also, you have to update the software the first time and then the whole gadget needs resetting again. I used this on my OnePlus 5T and honestly wished I had not bothered. When I used it on my iPhone X no issues at all so consider your phone when you want to use this device.

There are some good features on the app once its all set up like how many steps, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen level, Distance Travelled & Calories burnt.  The app allows you to monitor this over a daily, weekly and monthly which I like as I can use this to monitor my performance.

Now one thing am not keen on is the heart rate and blood oxygen monitors it takes forever to get a result and my heart rate might have gone up due to the time it takes to get a result. However, if you leave it to monitor at the end of the day you can see the results on the app that show me the excitement I have when its 5 pm on each day lol.

So overall the design is a single strap design and but the dual studs on the strap I found to be annoying due to it being a pain to put the watch on but you might find this a walk in the park. Once on its quite comfortable for everyday use and it’s also waterproof to IP67 rating which means it will be fine in the shower.

The features make this watch more expensive then the price range its in. With things, such a the heart rate, blood Oxygen and fatigue trackers they are all positives. You can also charge this very simply by removing half of the strap and plug directly into the USB Charger provided.

So for a health wristband at £29.95 its worth a purchase as you can monitor many things on it and has a long battery August State 30 days I would say about half of that but that is the only real negative apart from the app I have.

I would also like them to work on the connection issues as the Bluetooth seems to lose connection lots but as soon as you connect the wristband again the memory updates the app with your stats.

So for £30 its well worth buying if you have a budget for a smartwatch.

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