Review: August Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones – What a Surprise Package!

Stephen Watson
December 3, 2018

Available in black, white, blue, red, silver and gold for £29.95

I have reviewed many different pairs of headphones and up next is the August Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. Now, this was a brand I had never heard of and when opened the packaging knowing they only cost £29.95 a cloud of worry come over me thinking there just was going to be of a poor standard.

How wrong was I take back anything bad I said because I love these!!

This brand when I did some research has over 2500 positive reviews and I can see why. The cost is under £30 so don’t go an expect an expensive design they use a lot of plastic but at that price what do you expect the comfort and sound outweigh the cheap plastic used.   

The comfort is where August has gone and made a cheap pair headphones lovely and comfortable yes they use low-grade PVC rubber but it does its job and surprisingly well.

These headphones are minimalist with the earcups rounded at the edges that just give a professional look.  The closed-back design of the earcups creates a fantastic sound isolation so good you would feel you have ANC built in and for under £30 that is amazing I used these on the underground regular and when my music was on the outside noise was at a minimum. They come in 6 different colours but for the review, I tested the black pair in this review.

The headphones not only look good they only weigh 8 ounces so you won’t feel pain using them for long periods of time. The cups are covered in a soft cushion for extra comfort and you also get a padded headband which is adjustable for extra comfort.    

Moving on to the controls all are housed on the right side which I love I don’t want controls on both sides. The controls consist of the volume, Play, Pause and skip track and the charging port is also located on this side the only thing on the left side is the 3.5mm jack but positioned perfectly. The controls on the right-hand side I feel make it convenient without having to fiddle around finding trying to change track or increase volume.

There is a light around the controls it flashes blue when in use and turns red when charging and then goes blue when fully charged. You can tell when you turn them on/ off due to a jungle to indicate when on or off.

What I also love about these headphones is you can fold the cups due to flexible hinges which means you can close them and store away.  I would love a case to store these but at under £30, I can understand why you don’t get one.

As for the features these pack a punch with the likes of NFC (Near Field Communication), this is a great thing to have because as long as you have Bluetooth enabled they connect like magic yes you have to pair for the first time but it takes seconds. You also have a built-in microphone and taking/making calls is a simple and the sound quality is fantastic.  The headphones even have 15 hours of charge and only takes 2 hours to charge.

You also get the chance to turn into a wired connection granted the 3.5 mm cable is cheap but with a pair of headphones that hold 15 hours of charge, I would not even use the cable. On top of all this operating range of 30 feet how are these only £29.95 if you put a £100 price tag on these I would not question it and feel I have a good deal here.

The sound quality here is also better then you would expect for £30 headphones. If you want to be picky the bass can sometimes make a track a bit muddled. However for people who buy these they are the average listener who wont notice. Play a songs like the album to the film a star is born and the bass heavy tracks sound like heaven with the increased bass.

They also have the latest in Bluetooth technology and have 6 mm driver units which present crystal clear clarity for under £30 this is nuts. As long as you are listening to bass heavy songs or listening to a film with a lot of bass your love these.  Anything else and you well feel the sound a bit muddy but as mentioned they are £30 get over it.

So overall what can i say but i love these headphones this is the best £30 you will spend i have decided these are my new travel headphones as they cancel out noise and feel great. The only negative is they are not waterproof or sweat-proof but I have used these when it’s been raining and no effect. Lack of sweat-proof is a concern but as i mentioned these are cheap so if i needed to buy replacement pair i could cope with that.

One thing i would ask for is a travel case to look after them but that is the only real issue i have with these. I honestly am in shock they are only £30.

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